7 Must-Follow Hijab Styling Tips For The Modern Women

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With EID almost around the corner, we thought this is the perfect time to step up our Hijab game. Although every woman has her own way of draping her Hijab daily, but occasions like EID definitely call for a stylish new way for that edgy look.

But before we get into the various style you can get your Hijab style bang-on, you must know the type of Hijab that’ll look best on your face. Let’s take a look.

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  • Round Face: Drape in such a way that the sides of your face appear narrow. You can show more of your forehead and loosen the drape.

  • Oblong Face: Get the attention onto your cheeks. Cover your forehead halfway through and let the draping accentuate your jaw line.

  • Square Face: Keep the Hijab a little loose close to the chin. Give the drape a rounded look and cover less of your forehead. The focus here should be on your cheekbones.

  • Heart-shaped Face: The focus should be to make sure that your chin doesn’t steal the attention from your face.

  • Diamond-shaped Face: Wear a Hijab that wraps your face without covering any of your facial angles.

Hijab Styling Ideas

When picking your Hijabs, you must always take care of the texture of the cloth. In case you are going for a transparent or translucent fabric, wear a cloth underneath to hold your hair in place, and then tie the actual Hijab. You can also accessorise your Hijab with Matha Patti and brooches, or simply go for pearls to add a royal touch. Here are Hijab styles that you must follow this season!

1. Ponytail styled Hijab:

Ponytail style hijab @TheRoyaleIndia

Simply tie your Hijab like a scarf but on one side like a ponytail. The trick is to leave one end of the Hijab hanging loosely on your shoulder and making sure your jewellery – earrings and necklace get enough visibility.

2. Front tie Hijab:

Modern fron tie hijab @TheRoyaleIndia

This one gives an entirely different look to your Hijab. All you need to do is tie the Hijab in front instead of at the back of your head. The result is like a lovely rose on your forehead. It gives a very modern look and looks absolutely chic.

3. Braided Hijab:

Braided hijab modern draping style @TheRoyaleIndia

This is another fantastic Hijab look. The braided Hijab lets you get creative. You can drape the Hijab in the front and then use the remaining piece to braid it out and then tuck it at the back. Not only does it look great, but it stays secure in its place.

4. Criss cross style Hijab:

Criss cross modern hijab draping style @TheRoyaleIndia

If you have a small face, go for this Hijab style. First timers may find it a bit difficult to get it right, but once perfected, this style looks splendid. You can also add a little brooch or accessory to adorn the Hijab.

5. Crown style hijab:

Turban style hijab modern draping style @TheRoyaleIndia

This hijab draping style looks pretty much like a turban. To uplift the funky element, you can consider getting the fabric of different textures and colours. For those with a long neck, this is probably the best hijab style.

6. Scarf style hijab:

hijab scraf style @TheRoyaleIndia

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Here the idea is to wear your hijab in a manner as if you are wrapping a scarf around your hair and neck. Remember to leave one end open.

7. Accessories to add that bling:

Hijab draping style accessories @TheRoyaleIndia

Do not forget to accessorise your Hijab with Matha Patti and brooches. For that subtle royal touch, you can also go for pearls. Also, you must check out the latest women’s ethnic wear offers on Couponraja to find exclusive ethnic wear collection for this festive occasion.

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