Mobile apps a soccer fan should have this FIFA season

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FIFA World Cup has already begun and the fans are going crazy cheering for their favorite team. I guess not everybody would be lucky to catch the action Live in stadium, so we see T.V. as our only option. But in this digital age our smartphones can help us to catch up with the tournaments when we are on the go. So we have compiled a list of top apps that will help you to follow the action, when you can’t manage to watch it on TV. This new era of technology will not let you to miss anything irrespective of the time constraint, so take out your gadgets and download these apps.

1. FIFA official App

FIFA official app @TheRoyaleIndia

Let’s start with the official app that is made and managed by FIFA itself. It will keep you plugged into the tournament and give you real time updates of the score. Other than score, you also get to see the live commentary which makes your experience much better. You can see pictures, video coverage, and share them with other fans too. Contribute in the match by voting for the Man of the Match in each game from this app. You also have a chance to win Kick off ball from the matches, cool isn’t it? Using this app, you get the schedule of the matches, cities where the match will be played, and the live scores. There are various prediction making games for the FIFA fans to try out their luck. This is app is available for both Android and IOS devices. So follow your favorite teams, and get the live experience of World Cup 2014.

What sets it apart: It has many features like scores, news, commentary, games, and prizes all at one place.

Available On: Android, IOS

2. BBC Sport

BBC @TheroyaleIndia

BBC sport is a dedicated app for sports that will also provide you with scores, schedules, and news updates. It currently has rights to broadcast 31 matches out of the total 64. This app can be used specially for setting notifications for various teams that will include line ups, kick-off, goals, half time score and results. There are many customizations options available to change the menu according to the user’s choice. You can also add various pages to the quick links to get faster access. This app has an integration with World Cup Breakfast which offers offline viewing by downloading it on your device. This app is also available for both Android and IOS platforms.

What sets it apart: It has the best notification feature that will keep you notified of the main events.

Available On: Android, IOS

3. ESPN FC Football and World Cup

ESPN FC Football and World Cup @TheRoyaleIndia

ESPN FC has a very clean interface with different sections for Scores, News, Now (Twitter feeds), and tables. There is also a side menu showing all the leagues going on. You can also set alerts for games or teams to receive news and scores which will show up in inbox. Sign in is needed to set customized alerts. One special feature includes live tweets from different teams, and you can get to know the gossips going in the soccer world. I specially recommend this app for clean interface and the ease of use. This app is also available for both Android and IOS. There is another app called Watch ESPN for IOS users, which can be used to watch full match live, but it is a paid service.

What sets it apart: It’s famous for clean interface and proper categorization of different sections.

Available On: Android, IOS

4. Onefootball Brasil

Onefootball Brasil @TheRoyaleIndia

Onefootball Brasil is a great app which is available for all three major platforms i.e. Android, IOS and especially for Windows phone users. This app has great minute to minute commentary in the Live ticker with Latest news and score updates. You also get video clips of press conference and interviews. You can chat with other football fans and share your excitement with them. Like alerts, you get the feature of customized push notifications so that you don’t miss any action.

What sets it apart: It is one of the rare apps that supports all three major platforms.

Available On: Android, IOS, Windows

5. Panini Online Sticker Album

Panini Online Sticker Album @TheRoyaleIndia

This app is for those who have a hobby of collecting football stickers. You can swap stickers with your friends to get the one’s you require to complete your collection. You get a magazine on which you can attach your stickers. You can also create teams or join teams to collect stickers, and chat with other members. There is a hall of fame in which it shows the members who have collected most stickers. There are 50 main prizes and 200 runner-up prizes to be won by collecting stickers. This app is also available for android and IOS platforms both.

What sets it apart: It’s the best app for collecting football stickers and sharing it with your friends.

Available On: Android, IOS

Other than these apps, you can also download the FIFA 14 game by EA Sports which has all the national teams which will be playing in Brazil. The game now has a new gesture control mode along with onscreen buttons. So these are some apps recommended for all the FIFA fan’s out there.

We want to know which app you are using to stay updated about FIFA2014 and which team you are predicting will pick the World Cup! Talk to us in the comments section below.

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