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Miss Universe 2015 Beauty Pageant: An Evening Etched Deep in Our Mind

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Ever since I was a child I never missed watching the Miss Universe beauty pageant, and I am sure there must be billions just like me!

This prestigious international beauty pageant is held annually and the world waits every year with bated breaths for it to unfold itself in all its glory. Miss Universe 2015, held in Las Vegas, was the 64th year of this competition and saw over 80 participants from across the globe. The 26 year old Pia Wurtzbach (Philippines) battled out 79 other beauties to claim the title of Miss Universe 2015.

It was the first year for its new owners WME/IMG and they lived up to the expectations set for them. The participants undergo rigorous training and a lot of practice before they’re ready to face the world. The competition began with the contestants walking in their national costumes, soon after which the top 15 were announced. Some of those who made it to the top 15 included Annelies Toros from Belgium, Ariana Miyamoto from Japan, Miss Thailand, Miss Dominican Republic and more.

miss universe india urvashi @TheRoyaleIndia

Although India’s contestant for this pageant, stunning Urvashi could not make it to top 15, but there is no denial to how confidently she walked the ramp.

The Top Five Contestants

miss universe top five @TheRoyaleIndia

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The show was indeed packed with oodles of glamour, elegance and of course the unforgettable drama. The excitement was multiplied when the top 5 contestants were announced. The top 5 in no particular order included Olivia Jordan (USA), Ariadna Gutierrez (Colombia), Flora Coquerel (France), Pia Wurtzbach (Philippines) and Monika Radulovic (Australia).

The Top Three

top 3 miss universe peagent @TheRoyaleIndia

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Miss France along with Miss Australia couldn’t make it to the top 3. But this French Lady has a degree in International trade, is serious with her work and has created a humanitarian organization called Kelina. Apart from work she loves photobombing and making funny faces. Miss Australia on the other hand is a multi-lingual and had a very adventurous upbringing as she migrated from Bosnia, where she was born to Australia after spending a year in Denmark.

The Controversy

Steve harvey miss universe @TheRoyaleIndia

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This year’s Miss Universe pageant will be remembered for one more reason, one of the biggest goof up’s in the history of this prestigious pageant. Steve Harvey, the host misread his cue card and mistakenly announced Miss Colombia as the winner, and what followed was nothing less than a nightmare for any girl.

miss universe columbia @TheRoyaleIndia

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Within just 3 minutes of Ariadna being crowned Miss Universe, the crown was taken away as Steve apologies for his mistake. It was a shocking moment for the contestants, the going Miss Universe as well as the viewers.

miss phillipines won controversy @TheRoyaleIndia

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Miss Colombia 2014 (Paulina Vega) went on to win Miss Universe 2014 and so the pressure on Ariadna was already high. Her love for cats has also earned the name ‘cat lady’ for this Colombian beauty who speaks not just English but also German and some Spanish. The second runner up Olivia Jordan (USA) has a signature ramp move that a lot of other contestants might have had a hard time to imitate.

Beating all other contestants, this sheer beauty from Philippines took away the gleaming crown. Pia who was one of the eldest (26 year old) contestants on the show works as a stylist and writer for a leading news paper and has a formal education in culinary arts from the Center for Asian Culinary Studies in Philipinnes. Apart from her passion for food, this highly talented girl is also involved with acting and modeling.

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