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Sumita Chakraborty zips through the reasons why Millennial love to shop online.

Hashtag adventurous, fearless and bold to this breed. …They are the Millennial! This decade’s true inheritors who believe that they will rule the world someday. So no wonder their tastes are a little bit hat ke.

But mind you, they are pretty discerning in what they want. These kids who were weaned on gizmos and gadgets are now high on a new trend. No, don’t get us wrong… it’s not some drug, it’s online shopping. Yes, online shopping is trending ecstatically high on the Millennial scale. And, how!

In fact, walk into any college hostel and you are sure to find a queue of online shopping site despatchers. Or ask any parent of a millennial and you’re sure to find out that at least 50 percent of their pocket change goes into online shopping. So why is online shopping so big with the Millennial?

Here are seven big reasons:

Fashion Forward:

Ask film and TV actor Deepshikha Nagpal whose striking screen presence in the Shah Rukh Khan starer ‘Koyla’ made her the sweetheart of the nation, and she avers. “My Millennial daughter knows her fashion. She knows which trends rule and which cuts and silhouettes work. And though Mumbai is replete with the best fashion brands, my know-it-all daughter claims that on online shopping sites, you get the best brands – whether it is Vero Moda, Forever 21, AND 21 many others. And the prices are pretty reasonable too. So she’s hooked to sites like Myntra, Jabong, Amazon, Flipkart and so many others.”

Deepshikha Nagpal @TheRoyaleIndia

And she’s not alone, there are so many Millennial who believe the same. True, for a Gen that is clued in on all the top trends of high fashion on their fingertips; a varied and diverse range of fashion available on the online sites is obviously a shopping magnet. Besides, the prices suit their pockets, and there are so many ongoing sales and offers, and all that appeal these stylegens.

Electronic Magic

Millenials @TheRoyaleIndia

iPad, laptop, playlist, iPhone… For a Gen that believes that one can get anything by just a click of a finger, gizmos and gadgets will always be a high priority. And what best way to get it then pour over all the features of an electronic device at leisure… Like I said before, this is indeed a discerning breed. So they weigh the pros and cons and then instantly make a decision as fast as abracadabra. No wonder, shopping for electronics online is as easy as a click of a button for them.

Flowers & Gifts

Flowers & Gifts @TheRoyaleIndia

The Millennial wear their hearts on their sleeves. From Rose day to Valentine’s Day, our love gurus don’t believe in sweating it out by walking to the nearest flower shop. And why should they? When you can swipe through the sites, check out the bouquets and gifts and pick the one you think will appeal to your sweetheart via Gifts offers. Instant delivery and you are your girlfriend’ favourite person. And of course, since our love gurus believe in spreading the love, many more bouquets and gifts go to many other girlfriends… Carry on Romeo… you sure know the moves.

Every Day Shopping

grocery @TheRoyaleIndia

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A lover of good things, the Millennial know their mind. But they are extremely time strapped so unlike their parents. They don’t believe in heading to the grocers for their dal and chawal. Instead, their laptop or iPad works as a shopping cart. A quick inspection of the grocery list and then a tick mark on all the requirements, and grocery shopping is done. Yes, as fast as just within 5 to 10 minutes. Can you beat that? Mumbai-based Millennial Viraj C avers, “I actually was very impressed with Shah Rukh Khan’s ad of Big Basket. I tried the same and got all the groceries delivered to my doorstep the following morning. And I was hooked! And from then on. Grocery shopping has only been online.” Big Basket offers

Furniture Galore

furniture @TheRoyaleIndia

Source : FabFurnish

This is a fave. From new-fangled to avant garde, clever styles to eco-sustainable things, the furniture shopping sites have some of the most eclectic collections of furniture which are different yet extremely stylish. From wine racks, recliners, stylish tables to what not… the Millennial who love to experiment are in synergy with these adventurous designs which online furniture shopping sites cater to. No wonder, there are so many millennial takers for this. And no wonder, this is a big trend as well. Get good offers on furniture. Click Here.


Travel concept @TheRoyaleIndia

The world is in your palm… yes, the Millennial believe that. So from backpacking to luxe holidays, holidays are planned instantly. No fuss, for this bold generation. They live young. They live free. So from the exotic shores of Greece to the romantic by-lanes of Dublin, to the rugged beauty of Rajasthan or the chilled out hip ambience of Goa… indeed the world is their oyster. They just live life to the fullest. So now wonder, holidays fit so high on their online shopping trend list.

Yes, from food to fashion, flowers to learning, online shopping is zipping up the trend list because it is quick, value for money and smart. And the Millennial truly believe in shopping smart! Isn’t the Millennial online world super smart?

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