Microsoft Windows 10 To Be Launched Soon

December 11, 2014 Microsoft Windows 10 To Be Launched Soon @TheRoyaleIndia 653 0 0

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The tech giant Microsoft has recently announced the entire team has been vigorously working towards the new upcoming soon to be launched Windows 10 operating systems in the tech market. However, Microsoft still hasn’t set any pre-decided date for the official launch of Windows 10. According to current records and to the excitement of team Microsoft, it is sure to be launched sometime in 2015. Microsoft’s high jump from Windows 8 to 10 is simplified and defines the leap rightly. The new Windows 10 is said to be more advanced in functions and is said to unify the way people have been working on PCs, mobile phones, and tablets.

Windows 10 intro @TheRoyaleIndia

Few highlighting features:

  • The all new start menu: Windows 10 has totally ditched the previous version designs with the newer display. The Start menu on the Desktop will be similar to standard Windows 7 Start menu on the left, but the right side will be filled up heavily with Metro-style active icons.

  • Virtual desktops – The new Windows 10 gives you the option of viewing your desktop on the virtual mode. Which means you can simultaneously switch to various virtual desktops on your single monitor screen!

  • More apps on the desktops – Rather than jumping to full-screen metro interface all the time, windows 10 lets you run metro apps on the desktop itself.

  • Advanced Task View: Windows 10 has a new key which pops up and displays the Task View interface. This will enable users to work more efficiently.

windows 10 start menu @TheRoyaleIndia

Windows has always been the core part of Microsoft’s business and rules the desktop computing market; used by 1.8 billion users globally. Also, the new Windows 10 has a lot for businesses and enterprises.

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