Microsoft brings Office software for Apple iPads

March 31, 2014 microsoft office for iPad @TheRoyaleIndia 581 0 0

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The software giant, Microsoft recently announced that its well-known Office suite is being offered for the iPad via the App Store. Office for iPad is presented as three apps: Word for iPad, Excel for iPad and PowerPoint for iPad.

iPad users can download the files, use them to view and present their office data free of charge but with very restricted facilities. Here, we are saying limited which implies users can’t even create a document! They can merely access and read it but for editing or updating the documents, users need to go for an Office 365 subscription.

Offered at $99 a year, an Office 365 subscription offers the complete use of Office for iPad. This includes five installs on a mobile device and five installs on desktops and laptops.

Till now, a close to 200 million iPads have been sold worldwide. And customers have depended upon Evernote, Quip, Smartsheet and Haiku Deck, and Apple’s own iWorks suite while using their iPads for work purpose. So, for some people, the move is a refreshing change from Microsoft.

However, cynics speculate whether Microsoft has waited too long in providing these services for people who use iPads, especially entrepreneurs and professionals? Or they (consumers) have got used to their iPads without Microsoft products?

As acknowledged by Mr. Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO, this move is inspired by the preference of their customers who wish to use Microsoft services across non-Microsoft devices. Only the new Office products can predict whether one of the immense successes of the desktop era can succeed in the age of mobile devices? Only time will tell.

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