Metallic Mania – Accessories That Shimmer and Shine

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This is your style mantra for 2015 as you brace yourself for a metallic trend this year. Shiny clothing and accessories spell just one thing- GLAMOUR. It is bold and ostentatiously attractive. It represents the confident woman of today who can get along with anyone but is yet unique in her own right!

Gold and light silver does wonders with a darker skin while gun metal or black shared of silver go well with a light skin tone. Copper or Bronze looks great on skin tones which have a little tan or naturally golden. However, if you do believe you can carry any of these metallic colours…just go for it gal ! Wear what makes you feel awesome.

Pump up your style quotient and add a little glitter to your wardrobe with these metallic accessories!

Cuff your hair!

metallic hair cuffs @TheRoyaleIndia

Your hair is your best accessory. Add a little shine to it with metallic hair cuffs. They look simply great on low loose ponytails. You could also try it with a high pony tail if that suits your personality and style. Hair cuff chains look great around a bun,on a ponytail or even along the length of your hair. Wear them with the right attitude and that should do the trick.

Style Tip: Cuff needs to be in proportion with the length of your hair. Wider cuffs for long hair and narrow ones for shorter hair.

Clutch your style!

metallic clutch @TheRoyaleIndia

Add a little dazzle to the simplest of your dresses by carrying a clutch in metallic colours. It adds elegance with the right dose of metal, and is versatile at the same time.

metallic handbag @TheRoyaleIndia

Carry a sequined metallic handbag to add the dash of spark to your casual look. Brighten your day or shine at night with this style statement.

Style tip : Metallic clutches and handbags look fabulous with a dressy outfit as well as faded jeans.

So don’t hesitate to experiment

Wear an attitude up your sleeve!

metallic jacket @TheRoyaleIndia

Just like a metallic clutch, a metallic jacket is also a versatile accessory that can grace your wardrobe. Depending on your mood or the occasion you could wear it with a pair of fitted jeans and t-shirt or with a dress. It’s stylish and in vogue.

Style Tip: Tone down the metallic look by avoiding dressing up in metallic jacket, dress and heels all together. Wearing a smart pair of sneakers, leggings, fitted t-shirt along with a metallic jacket may just nail the look for you

Buckle the Shine!

metallic belts @TheRoyaleIndia

All you need is a tinge of spark to make an otherwise mundane outfit look stylish and chic.Metallic belts do that trick for you. A metal belt can add instant glamour to an all black outfit. Wear a relaxed dress with a narrow golden belt or a jumpsuit with a gold chain belt to add the dazzle to your outfit. Wear it with a tank top, pants, shorts, pencil skirts, maxi dresses, gowns, or body con dresses just about anything and it will make you nothing short of a fashionista.

Style Tip : Metal belts have figure-flattering magic touch. Use them to your advantage.

Shimmer at your feet!

metallic shoes @TheRoyaleIndia

As it is rightly said, shoe love is a woman’s true love. No woman can resist a adding a pair of footwear to her ever growing collection. They add the required sparkle and shine like no other accessory can. From strappy heeled sandals to simple silver pumps, from cracked distressed metallic finish to sparkly sequins you are literally spoilt for choice. Team your metallic heels or flats with full skirts and dressy outfits to sport a contemporary feminine look.

Strappy Sandals and pumps add the glamour while metallic boots and loafers keep the look casual. There is something for everyone when it comes to this metallic essential.

Style tip : More metallic the shoe , simpler the rest of your outfit.

Your Style statement!

metallic necklaces @TheRoyaleIndia

A statement neck piece is all you need to add a trendy twist to your look. A shiny metallic necklace would add a glow to your face .This is your standout piece and so it is extremely important to keep rest of your accessories and your dress simple. You won’t regret, as these statement neck pieces will speak for themselves. There are hundreds of fabulous golden and silver necklaces out there that would be a guaranteed match to every dress in your wardrobe…well almost!

Style tip : Shapes that mimic the neckline of the outfit look fab. A v-shaped necklace with a v-neckline, an angular style with a square neckline would work best.

Less is more when it comes to the metallic look. A drop of shine and a perfect attitude and voila you are ready to flaunt a bold metallic look. It’s cool and flashy. It spells confidence and trend. Metallic Mania is definitely here to stay. So go ahead and shine along the way!

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