All about the MET Gala 2017 : Trivia, Best Dressed, Worst Dressed and more

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Sumita Chakraborty finds out more about the MET Gala besides grading the MET Gala 2017 best and worst dressed ladies.

Have you been to the MET Gala? Nope, we aren’t asking you that but our bevy of Bollywood beauties are asking each other just that these days. Indeed after the recently concluded MET Gala 2017, the Met gala has become the buzzword in the glamour circuit. And, how! So what exactly is the MET Gala, anyway?

The MET Gala Trivia

  • This is the one of the most hailed after fashion fund raiser events and has been attended by the who’s who of Hollywood.

  • Earlier it was called the Costume Institute Gala. Even then, it was one of the most talked about events in the fashion circuit.

  • In fact, it was touted to be the hub where the stylish arm of fashion met the giving hand of charity annually.

  • Anyway, the Costume Institute Gala metaphorised into the MET Gala which was essentially the fundraising gala for the Metropolitan Museum Of Art’s Costume Institute.

  • Incidentally, a theme is given out by the Gala team for its guests to celebrate and interpret it their way. And the costumes adhere to that theme.

  • Over the years, the themes have been more creative and celebs have donned their best outfits just so that they could outdo each other’s quirky ensembles.

  • This is incidentally one of the most exclusive fundraising events in New York attended by celebs from varied fields.

  • Vogue Editor-in-chief Anna Wintour is the creative head of the Met Gala.

The Spectacular MET Gala 2017

  • The theme for the MET Gala 2017 was Rei KawaKubo founder of Comme De Garcons, who incidentally is the very first living designer to be the topic for the Gala.

  • YSL was the only one who was also one of the subjects at the Gala.

  • The theme was touted as Art of the in between.

Indian Spotlight

  • Saw our very own desi beauty Priyanka Chopra pirouetting on the red carpet in a super bold trench coat with a super sophistication avant garde spin. Designed by the incredible Ralph Lauren, this boho-chic trench gown had a huge train which needed four assistants sashaying behind her. And if that stopped the sassy Ms Chopra from having a good time, think again! In the evening she danced her blues away at Kate Perry and Rihanna’s epic parties. Here the trench coat gown cleverly unhooked to become a svelte mini dress. Super oomph!

  • Our gorgeous Deepika Padukone too made her presence felt in a white slinky gown designed by Tommy Hilfiger. Though the gown had a daring sequinned back, it actually didn’t really stand out amongst the bold creations worn by the other stars. More so because the MET Gala is meant to make a style statement, unfortunately, Dippy looked chic and pretty but failed to make an edgy statement.

  • Did you also know that the Ambani scion, Isha Ambani too made her presence felt at the Gala this time? She wore an incredibly attractive olive green Christian Dior gown, and looked like a million bucks.

Gala Celebs

  • Poor Kylie Jenner was dissed for the outfit she wore. Actually the gown by itself was beautiful. It was an all glitter and shine nude coloured Versace gown which was figure hugging. Unfortunately, it looked done to death.

  • Kendal Jenner on the other hand wore a lingerie turned gown by La Perla. Made of net, it showed off more skin than usual. Though it was carried off to perfection by Kendal, it still made it to the worst dressed list.

source : The huffington post

  • Rihanna took up the challenge of wearing a quirky costume. It was OTT yet completely and madly in whirls.

  • Katy Perry scared the audience with Vampire red outfit. Agreed, it’s a theme party, but her blood patched gown and veiled look is sure to give a lot of people a nightmare.

Perth Now

source : perth now

  • Blake Lively looked lively in a costume made by Atelier Versace. The gown was very elegant and yet made a fashion statement at a flashy gathering like MET Gala.

  • Amy Schumer wore a black gown by Zac Posen. Arty yet fashionable, and replete with a cape with red embossed lapels.

  • Madonna wore her love for the army on her sleeve literally. She wore a camouflage gown by Moschino.

  • Celine Dion debuted at the MET Gala with a black and white gown made of different fabrics. Looked uber cool too.

  • As for the men, though most of them flaunted their tuxs, some of them did show off their natty threads in costumes.

The MET gala is the place where actors, singers and other celebs show off their creative and artistic sides. Unfortunately many of them went OTT and missed the mark, though some like our Priyanka Chopra did pass the grade. Hurrah for that!

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