Marvel is back with The Amazing Spider-Man 2

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There is a very thin line that links complex plots and setting barriers. Let’s face the truth; ‘The Amazing Spiderman’ is after all a sequel of quite a few others made in the past. And thus, to continue being ‘amazing’ at this juncture, is a complex mission for the film-maker than eliminate all the baddies in the comic book series.

Directed by Marc Webb, the film cast Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Jamie Foxx and Dane DeHaan. However, this time, Spider-Man 2 has two bad characters with sufficient acting skills to make the fight meaningful. Depicted with a receding hairline, broad specs and ill-fitting outfit; Max (played by Jamie Foxx) works in the electrical division of Oscorp (the big bad corporation of this comic world). However, Max is portrayed as an easy target, overlooked and often ridiculed by his colleagues. The other baddie Harry Osborn (played by DeHaan) is the successor to the Oscorp Empire and Spider-Man a.k.a Peter Parker’s buddy is failing of an innate sickness. Harry is a rickety component, appearing susceptible and malicious at the same time.

Frankly, we are totally hooked by Max’s transformation into electricity-fuelled ‘Electro’ and Harry’s wild & fanatic action sequences devised by Webb. The special effects will simply blow you away! In fact, Webb has nailed this feature precisely at the opening when Peter’s parents are announced dead in a plane crash, conveying a reasonable amount of anxiety. But we found there are too many climaxes and confusing plots at a certain level. All said, the action sequences are incredible and regardless of the running time, the movie doesn’t haul.

The Spider-Man 2 doles out anguish and authority likewise. We say, plan your weekend with this action-filled sequel.

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