Marsala – 4 Ways to Play with the color of the year in style

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Pantone is the leading ‘colour of the year’ give outer, since 1990!!! Whew that is the one job I wish I never have. Pantone is credited with defining the colour of the year. Remember Royal Orchid last year? Well, this year it’s more fun one. It is based on one of world’s (our) favourite beverage- Wine! – red wine that is. Pantone defined 2015 to be the year of ‘Marsala’.

Much as the wine from the namesake Italian city, the colour Marsala is deep, earthy, sensual, burgundy and basically siren hot in every which way. Sure your blood red will always be a classic, but think wine lips and wine decor. So without much further ado let us see how can we incorporate this wine…. er the colour in our everyday lives-


Marsala Decor @TheRoyaleIndia

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Whilst decorating your house, the theme becomes imperative to every room and nook and corner. Some might go ahead with eclectic theme, some might have the quirky theme or some might have the more formal themes. But Marsala can be interjected in every room of yours. Since we need our rooms and house to look lighter and brighter, too much Marsala can make you want to kill yourself when surrounded by four walls of a dark colour (literally). Incorporate Marsala with cushions strewn here and there or that throw you have draped carelessly over the rug. It could be a vase or even those beautiful artificial flowers. You can also get Marsala coloured tea light votives or have a small section of a wall painted that colour or hang sheer curtains. Think out of the box!


Marsala Fashion @TheRoyaleIndia

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Marsala’s versatility knows no bounds. It has seeped into our fashion without us even knowing about it. Marsala coloured dresses are perfect for evening wear. This colour works beautifully in chiffon and lace. It also pairs extremely well with colours such as the deep tones of green and blue along with amber and gold.

Marsala Fashion Style @TheRoyaleIndia

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Neutral shades work very well with it due to its richness. Wear a Marsala coloured pencil skirt with a teal blouse. Or opt for a flirty Marsala coloured lace skirt with an amber top. Marsala leggings look perfect for day and night. Marsala jumpsuits steal the show with black heels and black sunglasses.


Marsala Fashion 2015 @TheRoyaleIndia

It is a bit much for some people. This colour is extremely rich so people who love neutral tones would not want to be dressed head to toe in Marsala. If you want to jump on this bandwagon then start with something small. It could be those Marsala stilettos or the Marsala coloured clutch. A sling box bag or one with fringes is as eye catching as the aviators with Marsala coloured lenses. Backpacks, earrings, dainty bracelets, delicate pendants and rings work well with neutral outfits giving them the much needed colour pop without looking too OTT. With belts in fashion, show off that waist with a Marsala hued obi belt.

marsala fashion trends @TheRoyaleIndia

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Don’t worry, men can wear this look too with the help of watches, shoes and pants and believe us they look good.


Marsala Fashion Color @TheRoyaleIndia

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Yeah clothes and accessories are not the cups of tea some people prefer having. They are the kinds who invest in makeup and look perfect without much effort. Paint your nails with this hue and go a step further to add a bit of colour with dainty nail art on it in gold. It doesn’t have to be on all the nails. Ditch that ever faithful red lipstick for a Marsala pout. This hue puts the ‘s’ in siren and the ‘w’ in whoa. You can wear the eye shadow as well though don’t go overboard with it till the occasion calls for it.

Well now that you have mastered the basics of this colour, why don’t you try and experiment with it yourself. It could be the hair colour you have been lusting after or a statement neck piece but never knew if you could wear it. If you are still not sure just take leaf out of our book and pour yourself a glass of Marsala and click a selfie (hic).

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