Maldivian Siesta

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Pristine water, virgin beaches, unadulterated views of the horizon… you’d probably think of this as an apt description for paradise. The fact, however, is that a place like this exists on earth and is extremely accessible too. Ladies and gentlemen… the Maldivian islands.

It’s heaven for water and beach lovers, no doubt, but the others will have the time of their lives too. Here are a few tips that will help you plan your Maldivian vacation with ease…

Choose the right island

There are several islands in the Maldives. So, how are you to decide which one is ideal for you?  It’s quite simple, actually. If you’re travelling with kids or senior citizens, go for an island that is closest to the airport you’re landing in. Islands in the North Male Atoll and South Male Atoll are the most convenient to reach from the airport. Say you’re destination airport is Male, the Maldivian capital, Vitavelli island (run by the Jumeirah group of hotels) is barely 20 minutes by speedboat transfer from here. Other islands like Bandos, Kurumba, Banyan Tree, Baros are within half an hours reach by speed boat.


Travel the extra mile for privacy

Picking an island that is not so easy to reach, or that involves a bit of an extra travel will ensure you added privacy and mostly kid-free environment. Those travelling with little children and on a budget almost always avoid islands that are far off from the destination airport. The further the island from the airport, the more exclusive it gets. Mind you, getting to such islands involves an extra cost. You may either have to board a connecting short distance flight from the airport or take a seaplane.

Get sporty

Are you wondering what exactly your day will be like, once you settle down on a Maldivian island. For one, it will involve a lot of lazying around on the beach and having meals on the shore, with the crashing waves orchestrating a musical for you. And water sports! Yeah, now we’re talking, aren’t we? The crystal clear water surrounding the islands is too much to resist. It’s tempting enough to make even the most lazy vacationer want to take a dip. Try your hand at various water sports. You can go jet skiing, sailing, canoeing, surfing, kayaking and water skiing, to give you a rough idea. Underwater activities like scuba diving and snorkeling are Maldives’ actual calling card. Get under the water and see the treasures that lie on the stunning bed for yourself. In the South Atoll, Cocoa Corner and Guraidhoo Kandu South have some of the best scuba diving spots. In the North Atoll, the Banana Reef and Kuda Haa are the most recommended ones.


Stay like a king

One of the best ways to experience Maldives is by checking into an island resort. Home stay with locals, backpacking through the city and visiting other scenic islands in your spare time are good options too, but if you’re a honeymooning couple or just want to sit back and soak in the beauty, pick an island resort. The two basic categories of stay on most islands are Beach Villas and Lagoon Villas. The former will, as the name suggests, be located on the beach while the latter is villas erected on the water itself. The lagoon villas have a backdoor exit that leads directly into the water, which means you can jump in whenever you feel like. Infinity pools are another advantage of staying in a lagoon villa. If you have some cash to spare, we suggest you go for the ultimate luxury and spoil yourself crazy by booking a lagoon villa. You deserve it!

P.S: An island resort is basically the concept of an entire island belonging to a single resort company. For instance, Vivaanta by Taj occupies all of Hembadhu island and Dhevanafushi island is home to another Jumeirah resort.

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