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Sumita Chakraborty reviews Nykaa’s makeup treasure trove.

You want to look your best on every occasion but let’s face it, it’s kind of tough dazzling all the time especially in a place like India where the poor skin faces all kinds of tough conditions including dust and environmental woes. But seems to have come out with a solution for all kinds of skin woes. They stock premium makeup brands including Lakme, Inglot, L’Oreal, Lotus, M.A.C, Bobbi Brown, Estee Lauder, Maybelline New York and so many other high quality brands. But Nykaa itself also has some star products especially in the makeup segment. Let’s rustle through the makeup glam box and see what treasures we can find.

Afternoon Soiree

  • Brunch: The day look is actually natural where the skin looks cherubic with pink on the cheeks and a matte complexion. The eyes are rimmed with kajal lightly and eyeshadow remains in natural or light hues like peach, pink and brown. Lips have a tinge of gloss but look as natural as possible. Don’t forget the nails – they are in shades of nude, peach or pink.

Makeup Winners:

brunch @TheRoyaleIndia

Skin: Use primers to give a natural yet matte look to the complexion. It tightens the pores and hides the scars on your face. Bestsellers in this category which are really great are L’Oreal Paris Base Magique Transforming (Rs 796), L’Oreal Paris True Match Genus 4-in1 Compact (Rs 1295 – this product is truly amazing.) NYX Pore Filler (Rs 1,425), another great product M.A.C Prep + Prime Skin (Rs 2,300) and so many more.


M.A.C Studio Fix Powder + Foundation (Rs 2,450) is an amazing product which smoothens the look. It looks natural and yet gives a satiny smooth feel to the skin. Try the contour products too especially the Lakme Absolute Bronzer – Sun Kissed (Rs 508) which is a life-saver. It gives an amazing look to the face making it look smooth, satiny yet sensuous.

Lips & Eyes: You have a range of light shades from all the best brands but try out PaintStix and MATTEilicious Lip Crayons by Nykaa – there is a range of hues from light to dark. Try them. They are fun and range from bold to every day wear. Priced at Rs 425, they are highly recommended. Likewise try out the brands in the eye segment including the Nykaa black kajal and eyeliner – they are equally reasonably priced and are good.

Nails: Try out the Nykaa Nude Necessities or Nykaa Mystique Mattes. Absolutely superb!

This can also be worn from 9 to 5 or even while travelling. The makeup is matte, natural and smart and can be quickly fixed with a daub of powder or a touch of the makeup.

Party Time

  • Clubbing: It’s the time to revel in bold and beautiful colours. It’s time to party and this is where you dazzle. You move away from the lighter shades to the more vibrant jeweled shades. The skin is matte with a daub of primer, concealer, foundation and a light dusting of powder. The eyes are enhanced with an eyeliner and bright eyeshadows. Lips go bright with sparkling shades like red, orange and peach taking centre stage. Purple by the way is also a hot fave giving the look a Goth touch. A light touch of blush in pink or preach complete the look. Nails go bright yet again.

Skin: The bestseller in this category includes the amazing primers, contours and foundations Nykaa stocks. These are amazing brands which are high quality yet reasonably priced.

party @TheRoyaleIndia

Cheek: A touch of blush. Try out the Maybelline New York Face Studio Contouring Blush – it’s amazing.

Lips & Eyes: Again try out the PaintStix by Nykaa for the lips – they are long-lasting and has incredible colors. The eyes too have some great shades and brands.

Nail: The Floral Carnival or the Radiant Orchid by Nykaa has very good colors. Try them.

Wedding Tale

  • D-day: It’s the best day of your life – your wedding day. And you want to look your best. Well, most brides make the mistake of slapping on too much makeup on their faces which not only make them look unnatural but also make horrid pictures. Here the trick is to use minimum. Makeup is to enhance your looks, not to hide them. So the look is minimalistic yet savvy. The skin again is peachy smooth with a touch of color on the cheeks. The eyes are enhanced yet subtly. The lips are bright but in matte shades so that they don’t hog all the attention. The nails are well-manicured and in shades of pink and peach.

bridal @TheRoyaleIndia
  • Skin: The star products in this category are many. But try out the ones from M.A.C and Lakme.

  • Lips & Eyes: Again a big yay to PaintStix and MATTEilicious for the lips again. Nykaa also has an incredible range of hues to pick up from in terms of the eyes but try the blacks from Nykaa itself.

  • Nails: Nykaa has a wide range of products. Try them, you’ll really like them. Incidentally, the prices are reasonable as there are many discounts.

So go ahead, go and try out a treasure trove like

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