Make a Statement with these 4 Modular Kitchen Designs

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Each house is different and is bewitching in its own way. Though the living area, dining section, and the entertainment room are furnished with great care, people are waking up to adorning their kitchen as well. After all, it is the smell of those mouth watering delicacies floating in the air that brings us all together over the family dinner table.

The magic of interior decoration has remodeled the conservative kitchen into the “Modular Kitchen”. Conservative families are wary going modular, while all modern housing units come built in with modular kitchen. While there is excitement and apprehension alike when discussing about modular-kitchens, let us list down its advantages.

Advantages of Modular Kitchen

Bounteous storage space

modular kitchens storage space @TheRoyaleIndia

Corner areas neatly put to use

modular kitchen corner units @TheRoyaleIndia

Option of extending to desired length

modular kitchens have plenty of space @TheRoyaleIndia

Complete accommodation of appliances

appliances in modular kitchen @TheRoyaleIndia

L- Shaped Model

lL Shaped Modular Kitchen Design @TheRoyaleIndia

It is prototypical for small kitchens. It will make small kitchens look spacious.

2. U/C Shaped Model And Parallel Model

UC Shaped Modular Kitchen Design @TheRoyaleIndia
Parallel Modular Kitchen Design @TheRoyaleIndia

It is again suited for small kitchens and shares the same advantages of the L Shaped model. The only difference between them is the shape.

3. Straight Line Model

Straight Line Modular Kitchen Design @TheRoyaleIndia

This model is unique, sleek, trendy and mostly suited for hotels, small industries, and even in hostels. Some of the advantages unique to this model are:

  • Easier installation and repair

  • Cleaning is made easy

  • It is durable

4. Island Model

Island Kitchen Design @TheRoyaleIndia

For a large kitchen area, this type of a set up is trendy and will utilize the space well. Some features unique to this model are:

  • Serves space for dining along with kitchen

  • It makes the kitchen look spacious and elegant

Every unit has its advantages and disadvantages. A modern bride might feel conservative kitchen to be awkward to work with, while a conservative aunt might find the modular kitchen a bit too closed, and find hard to locate the ingredients. Since we will be looking forward in time, and that modular kitchen are included by default in all upcoming constructions, it only makes sense to educate ourselves about its pros and cons.

Pros of the Modular Kitchen

  1. Easy cleaning and maintenance: The name modular kitchen suggests that it is made of different models, if one part of the kitchen is broken, that particular part can be replaced instead of the entire kitchen. Stain-free laminate boards are used in these types of kitchens that add to the easy cleaning part.

  2. Adjustability: Detachable units are used to build a modular kitchen. So, these can be shifted easily, which is otherwise not possible in traditional kitchens.

  3. Clutter Free: Kitchen space is made clutter free which helps in working around freely

  4. Trendy & sleek kitchen: The aesthetic appearance of these kitchens gives a modern look to your home. Modular kitchens come in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes adding to its advantage.

Cons of Modular Kitchen

  1. Odd corners: Difficult to find cabinets to fit in the odd sized corners of the kitchen. The cabinets are made to fit regular sized corners hence cabinets that fit odd sized corners may be difficult to find. They have be custom-built to suit the dimensions of the kitchen corner.

  2. Discoloration of cabinets: Yellow color tints may be formed when MDF cabinets are exposed to heat. So chose neutral colors while designing.

  3. Periodic pest control required: Regular check on pests is required as these shelves attract pests easily. These days, treated wood is used to prepare the cabinets. These keep insects at bay for a considerable amount of time.

  4. Maintenance: As Indian households usually use heavy stainless steel rather than plastics and ceramics, there are chances of shelves getting damaged by heavy weight.

How to care for your Module Kitchen

  • Try keeping MDF/Particle board products away from heat.

  • Use damp clothes and mild detergents to remove any stains, and make sure there is no moisture left.

  • Water being used to clean the kitchen should be good and must be free from silica, iron, chloride etc. These have damaging effect on your kitchen.

Modular kitchens are quite expensive starting from over Rs. 30,000 to crores, based on one’s likings and brands. Visit model set-ups by different manufacturers and take quote. Evaluate based on your necessity, preference, and finance before doing the kitchen makeover. Do not forget to consult the lady of the house, after all, no one know the kitchen better than her.

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