Made Like a Gun, Shoots Like a Bullet

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The Royal Enfield Bullet is indeed a passion, dream and an inspiration for many. Being a proud owner of this fabulous machine, I thought of penning down my personal experience with it. So, here is my story.

It all starts in the family, and if you are a North Indian, you probably know it better. I always dreamt about owning a bike that was huge, fast and made a lot of noise.

How does it feel to lose a bullet?

While I was growing up, Hero and Bajaj were the only 2 motorbike giants battling it out to be the best. Bajaj came up with Caliber to compete with Hero Honda Passion. Being the first semi retro motorcycle, it created a huge impulse. That’s when I made my dad to sell off his Bullet and buy a new Bajaj Caliber. I soon realized the mistake, which was in fact the worst I ever committed. Although I spent whole of my graduation with a Bajaj, I did miss my Dad’s Bull.

Gun Barrel in the making

Soon I started looking out for a bullet but in vain, as the ones that I came across were well beyond my budget, keeping aside the maintenance cost. Immediately after successfully completing my post graduation, I booked a RE, but was told to wait for a year to get my ride. Finally after a 10-month long wait I received a call from RE and this made way for the adrenaline rush. Without causing a further delay, I picked my machine.

So, I finally got the key to my ride. The feeling was awesome, but at the same time I was a bit nervous. Would I be able to ride this beautiful monster? Keeping aside those weird questions, I decided to burn those wheels. Never ever will I forget that day. Every mile I covered lasted like a precious memory.

Shooting a bullet in the rain

Who says wet gun powder does not explode? Rethink! Monsoon arrived immediately after I got my Bull. I took all the care to keep my bull safe from rain, but after spending a few rainy rides with her I realized that she didn’t need any such care like a baby does.

Every morning I eagerly waited to hear that roar, that scream with just a single kick. However, it was a bit of a pain to ride her during the monsoons. Thanks to poorly maintained roads and well maintained potholes. During weekends the first thing I did was to take her for a wash and then for a long ride.

Falling in love

Every second movie has a rain and a romantic song, of-course with actor and his female counterpart. One of these that I remember is “Pyaar hua iqraar hua, Shree 420 (1955)”. My bull sang a song for me this monsoon and made it so romantic. Monsoons on a bull is the best thing a rider can experience in his lifetime and especially when you are riding across mountain ranges. For me, the sahyadri ranges are the favourite hang-out spot. Off-road or cruising, call for any test, and the bull stands to it. Monsoons, for me, always meant Hot Tea, Bhajiya’s and of course a Sutta, but above all, it was the Ride that highly excited me during the monsoons.

Joining the League

Here is the most interesting part. I once got a call from RE for an Independence day ride. This was supposed to be my first rally on a bullet. It in fact reminded me of my school days when we felt proud to participate in the independence day ceremony. However, this was a new beginning, but with the same old feeling of freedom.

Soon the day arrived and we all assembled by 8 in the morning. Initially there were just few patrons and their families. Gradually, there were 55 bullets. Immediately after a small brief on how to ride, we left, all in a group. It was an experience I will never be able to forget. It always will stay afresh in my heart. Reaching halfway, I had tears rolling down my eyes. It was an emotional moment. There was a sense of belonging we all riders shared, as if we were from the same family and rode for no reason, but just to be together.

I can now not resist myself from writing more and more but I know its a really long post and will have to stop here. Thanks for reading and bearing with me all this long.

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