“Maatr’ is a film that shows reality. It’s not a Revenge Film” – Raveena Tandon

April 18, 2017 "Maatr’ is a film that shows reality. It's not a Revenge Film" - Raveena Tondon @TheRoyaleIndia 3017 0 0

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Raveena Tandon has been amazingly vocal on social issues – whethers it’s about the environment, animals or violence towards women. While promoting her film ‘Maatr’, the gorgeous Raveena Tandon tells Sumita Chakraborty why she’s so passionate about doing films with a social message.

She’s still incredibly ‘mast’. And she’s still a power to be reckoned with. Extremely articulate and a woman who speaks her mind, Raveena Tandon is indeed a fine actress, firebrand social crusader and a woman who knows what she wants. And currently, though she’s looking ravishing on the small screen in her numerous avatars as a judge, Raveena is gearing up for the release of her hard-hitting film ‘Maatr’.

Choosing ‘Maatr’

We met up with the gorgeous Raveena and asked her why she chose ‘Maatr’ as her come back film. She starts off, “’Arre what is a comeback film? I have been here itself. But the reason I chose ‘Maatr’ is simple. It is actually on the same lines as the Nirbhaya case and the film is extremely hard-hitting and gives a very loud and clear social message. It is a much needed film in today’s time more so as there have been appalling incidents of violence towards women. Too many… and it’s really shameful for our society. Over the years, I have been offered a lot of meaty roles but I chose to do this film simply because it has a very deep social message. This film appealed to my conscience and I think I made the right decision.”

Women Empowerment & More

So how does one combat the violence of today’s world? Actor Vidyut Jamwal had suggested that “all women should be aware – their instinct should recognise a good touch and a bad touch’. What does Raveena think? Raveena avers, “Yes, of course, women should be aware. But also parents especially mothers should educate their boys from a young age that they should respect women. I truly believe that you can spot criminal behaviour from a young age. For instance, you’ll find that when a case study was done on criminals, they found out that their disturbing behaviour started as children when they used to harm animals. When somebody doesn’t understand another living thing’s pain, it is a sign of troubled behaviour, and mothers should be responsible for getting their boys to imbibe the fact that women should be respected or all living things should be respected always. I really want to emphasise this over and over again.”

So what does she think should be done? Should there be a counselling class for boys? Raveena says, “There should be counselling classes for everybody. Everybody should learn that violence towards women is appalling. And there should be the strictest punishment for crimes towards women.”

Diet & Fitness

Moving away from the serious topic, I ask Raveena how she manages to look so ravishing at all times. She says, “I was a fat child and loved my Punjabi ghee laden parothas. But luckily, as an actress, I have learnt to control my cravings. I don’t starve but I eat healthy and I religiously exercise. And that has worked for me.” And is that the reason, she’s had this svelte figure ever since I knew her? Raveena says, “I happen to be very disciplined. Once I make up my mind about something, I keep at it. Being fit for me is important. So I adhere to everything I should be doing in terms of diet and fitness. Also proper exercise gives you a high like no other and so if you work out and eat healthy, you’re sure to be healthy and happy.”

Future Projects

Raveena laughs, “I have completed ‘Maatr’ and now I am in the process of finishing shooting for Onir’s film. And after that I’ll be promoting that film. Honestly, more than shooting for films, promotionals for the films get me tired. I think I have never worked so hard. I have been shooting continuously this last year. But yes, you’ll be seeing me do a lot of it. So you’ll definitely be seeing me a lot soon.”

But before she signs off, Raveena emphasises, “I want everybody to watch ‘Maatr’. I want people to realise that at the end of the day, we end up blaming victims. ‘Maatr’ is a film that shows reality. It shows things as it is. You can’t give it a niche – it’s not a revenge film or a thriller. It’s a film that shows reality. And I am really happy I did this role. In fact, while dubbing when I saw the film as it is, even I got goose bumps. It disturbed me. But it has a clear message. And I hope everybody goes to see it – it is releasing on April 21, 2017 – and learn from this film.

Cheers to this ravishing beauty who lives life on her terms.


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