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Bored of cheap travel hacks? Jaded with camping on roads? Done with backpacking? Tired of travelling to remote lands? Want to be cared and pampered for, while you still fulfil your wanderlust? Then head to India’s luxury trains and indulge in lavishness on palette. With India’s vast topography, rich and diverse culture, luxury trains are an excellent way to explore the country, without having to compromise on comfort. This opulent way of travelling offers indulgence unimaginable and caters to every whim and fancy of its travellers. Right from the cutlery, infused romanticism and royalty stripped to the heart!

Here are some hottest luxury trains you need to book right now:

Maharaja’s Express

Maharaja’s Express hardly needs any introduction. Twice the winner of 2 World Travel Awards, Maharaja’s Express competes with some of its best global counterparts- the Orient Express, the Royal Scotsman, etc. The bewitching sumptuousness of the train would put five star suites to shame. Key attractions of the train includes: King size beds studded with jewels, 14 carriages of the train named after precious stones, the Presidential Suite spanning an entire carriage named as ‘Navratna’, large panoramic windows to live cast the scenic landscapes. The ultimate symbol of comfort and magnificence, leading you to the pre-independence princely states, offers 5 excursions- Gems of India, Treasures of India, Heritage of India, Indian Panorama and Indian Splendour.

Cost of the train ranges around INR 300,493.61 onwards.

Golden Chariot

golden chariot @TheRoyaleIndia

Known as the pride of Southern India, the train is more likely to throw you into your own ‘personal kingdom.’ Replete with silk and hand-woven bedspreads, the train journey into wonders of South India- starting from Bangalore to right up to towns of Kerala. The routes of the train are divided into two- Pride of South and Southern Splendour. This one’s my favourite because it offers ‘affordable luxury’ in its truest sense.

The costs of the Golden Chariot- ranges around Rs. 22,000.

Royal Rajasthan on Wheels

Royal Rajasthan on Wheels @TheRoyaleIndia

This heritage train is another extravagant feat oozing with multi-coloured luxury. Royal Rajasthan on Wheels takes its travellers through seven days of excursion and sight-seeing around the multi-faceted countryside of Rajasthan that includes sand dunes of the deserts, fairy tales around the princely forts, royalties of the palaces and adventures of the wilderness of Ranathambore tiger sanctuary. Be it Imperial cabins, exquisite cuisines, fully equipped bar with premium delights or souvenirs for keepsake, the gracious hospitality extended to you is sure to leave you stumped and coming back for more.

Tariffs for this beauty start approximately INR 360,641.93 onwards.

Deccan Odyssey

Deccan Odyssey @TheRoyaleIndia

Get ready to embark on a journey across miraculous portraits of Maharashtra’s spiritual temples, stunning wildlife, hidden treasures of Gujarat and 10 other spectacular journeys across cultural, physical and social territories. With 21 luxurious coaches, the imperial carriages are well-equipped with modern amenities that comprise of internet connectivity, air-conditioners, well-stocked bars and lounges, high-tech conference cart and personalized guest services of spa and massage cabin. With this blue-eyed boy of Indian railways, indulge yourself to take a journey within your soul and superlative travel experiences of ‘Maharashtra Splendor’, ‘Indian Odyssey’, ‘Golden Treasure’, ‘Soul Quest’, ‘Spiritual Sahayadri’, ‘Jewels of Deccan’, ‘Maharashtra Wild Trail’ ‘Indian Soiree’, ‘Indian Sojourn’ and ‘Hidden treasure of Gujarat.’

Tariffs for Deccan Odyssey start from Rs. 64, 317 per cabin.

Deccan Odyssey- The Indian Maharaja

indian maharaja @TheRoyaleIndia

A more richer and plush version of Deccan Odyssey, is its sister train- The Indian Maharaja. Starting its operations in November 2009, the train holds a special place in the list of luxury trains in India. It’s most remarkably known for its conference car which turns into a dance floor by night. If you crave to know what it would have been to be an Indian Maharaja, get ready to traverse through a week-long of enticing interiors, delicious Indian and Continental cuisine and great sites! Oh yeah, and by the way, you have one dedicated spa car. Just unwind and relax.

The tariff starts from INR 57,103.

On all the trains, all meals, tours, and entrance fees to monuments and cultural sites are included in the price. Now, all you need to do is sit back, enjoy and re-discover the by-gone era of royalty, wealth, treasures, romanticism, grace and decadence.

Happy travels!

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    Google Play (dla Androida)
    App Store (dla iOS)
    AppGallery (gwoli smartfonów Huawei)
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    Dokąd warto przejrzeć racjonalizacji filmowe – reguła:

    CDA Premium
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