Love Dey – If You Know What It Means

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Tu pyaar hai, kisi aur ka, tujhe chahta koi aur hai… tu pasand hai kis aur ki, tujhe mangta koi aur hai …” if you were actually humming this one along; ‘we hear you’ 😉 While this might be the anthem for many of you this Valentines Day (we don’t mean to hurt your sentiments :P), our intention is to purely spread the message of ‘LOVE’. For those who have already sailed this ship; for those who are yet to explore, and for those even who don’t want to explore; we discuss ‘Love’.

1. Love at First Sight

This happens with many of us and yet we are ignorant (by ignorant we mean – too embarrassed to admit the fact)

2. Staring at your phone every 5 seconds

Yes!!! There’s so much to talk and so much to share.

3. Nobodys’ Home

No questions asked & No Explanations Needed!!!

4. Constantly on Calls

Oh yes.. those early days. When enough is never enough!!! This seems to be such a wonderful phase only until you are not bombarded with those cynically lovely questions such as “jaanu saans li kya? Kitne baar li? 5 baar hi kyu li? 7 baar kyu nahi?” Oh noooooooooo!!!!

5. The Candle Light Dinner Routine

Pampering is the need of the hour as if. Now analogically think of the candle as your better half and fumes as LOVE. As long as they aren’t suffocating you, it is a smooth ride 😉

6. Changing Your Cell Phone Service Provider

This might already feel ’old school’ for many of us. With so many social apps or rather ’whatsapp’ available today, this need is diminished for sure. But yes there was a time when you might have had an in depth info on the plans available and went on advising.

7. Saving Money to Buy Gifts

awwwwwwwwwww” … need I say more.

8. Sexting


9. Introducing Him/Her to your friends

This would bring out one of the two feelings listed below

  • That proud moment

That awkward moment

Enough said no!!!

10.Those Lovely Bollywood Songs

Apart from getting mesmerized by ’pehla nasha’, every other Love song seems explicitly composed for you.

(SECRET REVEALED: oh and if you’re thinking how can the composer come up with such passionate tune and lyrics? Believe you me – sometimes a commode is a good source of inspiration.)

11. The ‘Hello’ is different

The subtle changes in your voice tone are easily noticed. Although you mellow down your voice; you’re certainly screaming out loud and everyone around is like – We know who you’re talking to!!!

12. Grooming

Suddenly, from being oh-i-don’t-give-a-rats-ass-for-how-do-i-look to becoming oh-im-sexy-and-i-know-it !!!

Oh these memories!!! For those who’ve already been through this let’s just have a good laugh and those who are waiting for the Cupid’s arrow; God Save You All!!!

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