Limited edition of the Glen Grant 50 Year Old whiskey unveiled

March 24, 2014 Glen Grant 50 year old @TheRoyaleIndia 687 0 0

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Gruppo Campari, an Italy-based global branded beverage company has launched a limited edition ‘Glen Grant 50 Year Old’ – a single malt whisky. The collector’s edition is an acknowledgement to the expert whisky craftsmanship and expertise of the iconic Glen Grant brand.

Examined for more than fifty years, whiskey in this barrel is a ‘true work of art’. Ready to be offered to the whiskey aficionados worldwide, Glen Grant has once again proven its excellence in producing single malt whiskey.

Presented in a hand-blown crystal glass carafe crafted by the accomplished craftsmen at Glencairn Crystal, a family-run business in Scotland, this limited edition is truly a masterpiece by itself.

Each bottle is hand carved, hand numbered and refined with the number ‘50’ in 18-carat gold lettering. The design of the carafe is a precise copy of Glen Grant’s large, lean pot stills and is offered in a copper-lined Scottish oak box.

Each Glen Grant 50 Year Old comes with a certificate of authenticity, signed by master distiller Dennis Malcolm and every craftsman involved in the process of making fine whiskey. This limited edition malt is available for €10,000 and only 150 bottles of this exclusive timeless collection will be released globally.

The ‘Glen Grant 50 Year Old’ is both matured and enduring. And now, the time has come…Cheers!!!

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