Let’s Discuss Some Dining Table Etiquettes, Shall We?

February 1, 2015 Let’s Discuss Some Dining Table Etiquettes, Shall We? @TheRoyaleIndia 933 0 0

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Alright, how many times have you been nagged by your parents for not having healthy and ‘civilized’ eating habits? Well, pretty often! I know. So how do you go about it? Take an extreme action and begin eating the rice with fork, out of irritation? Or maybe pick up a fancy looking dish and start eating just to show them how eloquently you have mastered the art of eating habits! Actually, you need not fret so much over this issue, it’s as simple as raising a toast effortlessly! 😉

Wine Toast @TheRoyaleIndia

Hosting a dinner at your place also becomes a grand affair when you know you have to get your stylish crockery in place. Fine cutlery plays a very important role in brushing up your table manners. Setting up a perfect complimenting cutlery along with neatly maintained dishes to serve adds a feather in your cap. To be very precise our entire agenda for having a discussion over this topic is simply to avoid social embarrassment!

So, to make your dining experience a lot more simplified and make you stand tall amongst the elite crowd here are a few tips to follow >>

As we all know what is not supposed to be done, let’s discuss what you should be doing & how should you place your cutlery and crockery to receive that much needed appreciation >>

Point 1: Simple, table manners

Table Manners @TheRoyaleIndia

Least you can do is, follow the old school manners which were obviously taught at a very early age. For eg; make a use of napkin or tissue while you sit for having meals. Always keep the glass of water away from your dish so that you don’t fidget and drop it in your plate carelessly.

Point 2: Glass Crockery - Handle With Care

Glass Crockery @TheRoyaleIndia

As it goes without saying, glass becomes extremely delicate and cautious to handle, but it’s always a good idea to have glass cutlery on your table. Make use of this delicate cutlery as least as possible to avoid accidental breakages. Also it’s helpful for serving champagne or wine! Along with it, hard designer plastic and stainless steel also works brilliantly.

Point 3: Keep a set of butter knives and forks

Silver Kitchenware @TheRoyaleIndia

Once you set your dining table and decide on the chair positions, place the tissue and table cloth which will be followed by serving plates, wine and water glasses as knives and forks will be sitting at the extreme left. Complete your setting with tiny hankies at other ends near the plates.

Point 4: Add some silverware cutlery

Silver Cutlery @TheRoyaleIndia

If you are an admirer of silver and know its nutritional values, you’d agree with me as on why I am asking you to include this metal in your crockery. Silver cutlery looks elegant and uber sophisticated. You may also go for dinning forks, spoons and bowls in addition.

Point 5: Keep Soup Bowls, Cocktails, and Salad Servings Separately

Keep Soup Bowls, Cocktails, and Salad Servings Separately @TheRoyaleIndia

Many of us do not like to mix the meals and keep jumping between starters, soups, cocktails and salads in between the main course. So to avoid the hassles and inconvenience to the person whom you’re serving the food, keep these things handy but another side of the table.

So what’re you waiting for? Get started for the upcoming feast at your place and host a grand meal for your dear ones! However, if you now have plans to buy all new crockery for your kitchen, you can surely check out FabFurnish, the one-stop destination for home décor material which offers you a wide range of home appliances, fancy crockery and lots more for a better home!

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