Let’s begin 2015 with a Promise of Staying Healthy

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Yup, we know that most of the health issues we face today are related to busy lifestyles – but bringing about minor changes in them is the key to look forward to improving your life quotient in 2015.  The need of the hour is not to be just aware of what’s good and what’s bad for our health but bringing about these changes – looking forward to stay healthier and slimmer you!!!

Say NO to Trans Fat

Do Not Consume Trans Fat @TheRoyaleIndia

Chuck this enemy No. 1 out from your diet – guess you take it invariably while grabbing a doughnut or cookies or dessert mixes or any fast food for that matter. Remember, trans fats increases your bad cholesterol levels while reducing the levels of good cholesterol. And, if you are overweight, guess the already tilted scales are tilted more dangerously ever than before.

Adapt to Unsaturated Fats and Oils and avoid junk food including ready to eat meals.

Oil is the Best for Cooking @TheRoyaleIndia

For oils and fats, its time you switch over to an unsaturated option – olive oil is the best for cooking. Also adapt to stir fry recipes which require use of minimal oil. Using an air fryer could be a good idea too!!!

Veggies and Fruits

Eat Fruits and Veggies for a better health @TheRoyaleIndia

Your friend No. 1, though reiterating the fact that fruits and vegetables should be taken in ample quantities followed by grains, dairy products and as mentioned earlier, you could opt for an unsaturated cooking medium. Try adapting to an Indianised version of Mediterranean diet for 2 – 3 days per week. Mediterranean diets comprise more of soups and salads which increase your intake of veggies and fruits followed by minimal intake of whole grains and dairy products. Remember, an increasing consumption of fruits and veggies slows down your ageing process.

Potatoes are Healthy!!!

Yes, once considered fattening and a must stay away vegetable is now recommended by most dieticians. They are full of polyphenols which help in weight loss as they expedite the use of energy and fat oxidation. They are good to eat provided they are cooked healthily and not fried.

Other sources of polyphenols are tea and red wine which can be included in limited quantities.

Brinjal one of the most easily available vegetable all year round, is recommended as it helps in staying younger as it nourishes your brain, lowers cholesterol and even improves blood circulation.

Veggies and Fruits

6 Teaspoons of Sugar@TheRoayleIndia

Once again, the debate continues, what should you exactly stay off from – sugar or salt. Though doctors advise both but sugar is known to affect people more especially if they suffer from hypertension. Hypertension patients need to stay away from processed foods which come loaded with sugar. The added sugar content is known to increase blood pressure and also the onslaught of life threatening cardiovascular diseases.

6 tea spoons of sugar – natural and in added form are advisable for men while 5 teaspoons for women. And, of course regular check up of blood sugar and pressure levels is simply a must.

Consume more Probiotic Food Products

Probiotic Curd is Good for Health @TheRoyaleIndia

Very much essential for boosting your immunity and for enjoying well nourished healthy well moisturized skin. Research shows that probiotic products contain healthy bacteria which the body very much requires. Furthermore, they act as natural moisturizers and help in lubricating the skin from within. In all, probiotic products reduce issues related to dry skin especially itchiness, cracking, flaking and even redness which occur due to low sebum levels. Popular and easily available probiotic products include yogurt, soy milk, regular milk, dark chocolate, olives and more.

Keep Cancer at Bay

Citrus Fruits are Good for Health @TheRoyaleIndia

Foods rich with flavonols and flavanones keep cancer at bay… Wondering which foods contain them? Beverages such as tea and red wine while fruits such as apples, grapes, citrus fruits and their juices are full of them so including them in your daily diet does go a long way in reducing the cancer risk.

2 cups of black tea and three servings of fruits a day are a must

Black Tea @TheRoyaleIndia

Your fitness quotient is mainly determined by what you eat and drink. Make sure you eat more of veggies and fruits while transfat and caffeine intake remains at absolute minimal. This year, your motto is not only to stay fit but active too, so be smart by switching over to healthy diet.

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