Lesser known dishes from India

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India a country with 29 different states and 7 union territories which are known for their unique cuisines and dishes has been wondered at by the world as a whole.


Vada Pav @TheRoyaleIndia

As Maharashtra is known for its poor man’s burger, ‘The Vada Pav’ and the fiery lentil soup ‘Misal’ while Punjab is known for its mud oven baked spicy ‘Tandoori’ dishes, there are few lesser known indigenous dishes and cuisines from the Indian states which though are unknown to many, yet pack a taste to tantalize your taste buds.

thalipeeth @TheRoyaleIndia

We start with our very own state of Maharashtra which offers delicacies like ‘Thalipeeth’ which is a savory multigrain flat pancake made of dough prepared from a special flour comprising of chickpea lentils, black gram, coriander seeds, cumin seeds, wheat, and rice, each of them roasted before grinding. Thalipeeth is generally enjoyed with thick homemade butter which melts as put on the hot pancake.

sanja @TheRoyaleIndia

Maharashtra has its own version of the South Indian Upma called ‘Sanja’ which literally means spicy ‘Sheera’. Generally made with semolina or crushed bulgur wheat and spiced up with chilies , Sanja makes up for a relishing and tasty savory breakfast dish and readily available in rural areas of Maharashtra.


masoor thenga @TheRoyaleIndia

Moving ahead to Northeast India to the seven sister states of our country, which are yet not that well explored, they offer a plethora of dishes and cuisines which are unheard of. We start with ‘Maasor Tengha’ from Assam, which is a spicy and sour fish curry made with tomatoes. Made with the locally available ‘Rohu fish’, the curry goes excellent with boiled brown rice and is considered a local delicacy.

iromba @TheRoyaleIndia

Head towards the state of Manipur, to savour ‘Iromba’ made out of potatoes and fermented fish and with rice. It is generally recognized by its strong pungent taste when eaten. Relish each meal at any of our seven sister states with many types of local beers and wines that help in subduing the fiery taste of these cuisines.

Himachal Pradesh

Next we go to Himachal Pradesh in the north to try out the unique Pahari Cuisne which promises to build up heat in those chilly winters to keep you warm.

dham @TheRoyaleIndia

Starting with ‘Dham’ which is a special lunch made during special occasions specially marriage occasions. The traditional Dham is a dish made out of rice, moong daal, kidney beans cooked with yogurt and completed by adding around twenty spices. The mashed daal is topped with a sweet and sour sauce made of tamarind and jaggery and the meal ends with the ‘Mitha’, a dessert dish made with sweetened rice or bread crumbs. The taste and flavor of Dham differs from from region to region

Bhey @TheRoyaleIndia

Lotus stem preparations such as the spicy ‘Bhey’ is made with boiled sliced lotus stems fried in chickpeas flour which is sure to warm you up in those cold chilly winters of the Himalayas. On the overall, most lotus stem preparations are considered delicacies in the northern India.

Tamil Nadu

Chicken chettinad @TheRoyaleIndia

Going to the South of India and not tasting the Chettinad style of cuisine is considered to be a sin for a real foodie. However, many people are not aware about the Chettinad cuisine which is a native of the state of Tamil Nadu and is sure to make you perspire with the spiciness of green chilies and curry leaves that are freely used giving the cuisine its distinct flavor and taste.

Kuzhi Paniyaram @TheRoyaleIndia

Though Chicken Chettinad is surely known in the food circuit, we will share the Kuzhi Paniyaram, a dish made by steaming batter made of pulses and rice. The dish can be made sweet or spicy and generally sautéed onions and green chilies are added to the batter to spice it up. The dish is generally made to eat over a long distance as it has a long shelf life.


Bisi bele bath @TheRoyaleIndia

Going to the state of Karnataka, we have the Bisi Bile Bhaat, a spicy rice dish which is quite addictive topped with melted clarified butter, fried poppadums and cooling curd riata.


avial @TheRoyaleIndia

The God’s own country Kerala offers us the ‘Avial’, a thick mixture of vegetables, curd and coconut seasoned with coconut oil and curry leaves. Legend has it that Avial was invented by the legendary ‘Bhima’ of the Mahabharata and is considered an essential part of ‘Sadya’, the Keralite vegetarian feast.


pork sorpotel @TheRoyaleIndia

Moving to the union territory of Goa, which generally offers you the traditional Indo Portuguese dishes like Vindaloo and Xacuti, we offer you the Sorpotel which is made of pork offal, the integral organs and entrails of the animal which are otherwise thrown off as waste.

bebinca @TheRoyaleIndia

To end the feast on a sweet note, Goa offers you Bebinca, a sweet multilayered pudding made out of plain flour, sugar, clarified butter, egg yolk, coconut milk and crushed nuts and is generally served warm with cold vanilla ice cream.

These are the few of the lesser known cuisines and dishes from India which are sure to tantalize your taste buds.

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