Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 Pro With Built-In Projector Mobilizes Home Theater

December 9, 2014 Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 Pro With Built-In Projector Mobilizes Home Theater @TheRoyaleIndia 788 0 0

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Technology has come a long way and we can find a lot of new changes coming up. Smartphones and tablets have diversified over the years and the developers come up with new and exciting features that seem to take the gadgets to an altogether new level. This time, it is the turn of Lenovo yoga tablet 2 pro.

What Is New In Yoga Tablet 2 Pro?

lenovo yoga tablet 2 pro features @TheRoyaleIndia

While the main highlight of this tablet has to be its superbly amazing sleek model and the ease with which you can rotate the screen, there is more than flexibility to cheer for. This 13 inch tablet comes with a built–in pico projector which helps you display your media files directly on your walls or any other surfaces.

This is a revolutionary feature as it will actually mobilize your home theater and help you get much more from your tablet than you might have expected.

  • The pico projector comes with an amazing display as the resolution stands at 854 x 480.

  • It also comes with 40–50 lumen.

  • Not only this, you also have the provision of projecting 16:9 high resolution image on any surface which you choose for the sake of viewing.

  • Further, you can create a 50 inch viewing screen as well.

  • The project also comes with a small dial. The main aim of this dial is to help you change the focus. With this dial, you can adjust the sharpness and clarity of the image and make it look a lot better.

As the yoga tablet comes with the hanging feature which allows you to use the device as a suspended screen, it greatly enhances the amount of use you can extract from it. Those who have a knack for entertainment can really use this device as a supplementary option for your home theater system. The large screen size means that you can view movies and more on your suspended screen. If you love even larger display, suspend the screen at an angle you are comfortable and then get the display on the desired surface using the projector.

Measuring The Specifics

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When you are using the in-built projector, there will be a lot of factors which will come into play. First is the ease of use. If the angle of the screen is not placed correctly, you will not be able to get a proper display. The developers have handled this point efficiently by offering you the option of suspended screen.

The next thing to be considered has to be the battery backup. No one likes to leave their movie or media midway. It pays to know that this tablet by Lenovo comes with 3 hours of playback time when you are using the projector upon charging to full capacity. This is definitely impressive and is long enough to help you watch your favorite movie completely without the need to plug in the charging source.

We also need to analyze the sound quality because no one wants to simply gaze at the visuals. When you are looking to mobilize your home theater and make the most out of an entertaining time, you will need good quality of audio to go with stunning visuals too. Once again, Lenovo is not going to disappoint you. It comes with Dolby audio. The tablet has 2 large speakers on the front and you even get a subwoofer on the back. You really could not ask for anything better and even those who are willing to have a terrific time watching their favorite movie will be able to get the perfect home theater pleasure with the tablet itself.

The visibility of the screen is best in dark rooms and if you love watching horror flicks, this tablet might just be the thing which you need.

Is It Worth The Price?

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There is absolutely no doubt about the fact that Lenovo yoga tablet 2 pro has created a massive stir in the field of tablets with this launch. They have managed to excite too many people and it is the in-built projector feature which has been the talking point.

The big screen seems to have been incorporated for offering better viewing facilities; however, it remains to be seen as to how users are going to appreciate it. Right now, it does seem like it is the gadget people are going to covet.

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