7 Tips to Show Your Love For Leather

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Clean Stains on Leather Furniture @TheRoyaleIndia

A premium leather sofa adds a unique sense of opulence to an otherwise ordinary living room. And within no time, this remarkable furniture piece becomes the favourite spot of the entire family, a place to watch television or endless chit-chatting. What if its beauty starts to fade away with time? It surely will be an eye-soring sight

Contrary to popular belief, leather furniture is amazingly resilient and does last long if handled the right way. If you can treat it well, your leather couch will age gracefully and the wrinkles will simply add a distinguished look; but scuffs, no doubt are never pleasant to the eyes. Here, we list simple dos and don’ts you should follow so that your leather furniture lasts long, really long!

1. Say No to Sunshine

Faded Leather Furniture @TheRoyaleIndia

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We love sunshine, but your leather furniture doesn’t. Always remember that leather was once the skin of an animal and just like you suffer skin-damage, direct sunlight can be potentially damaging to your leather furniture too.

2. Cleaning

Clean Stains on Leather Furniture @TheRoyaleIndia

One of the most basic steps in caring for your leather furniture is to keep it clean. It means you must clean your leather sofa at least once every week, not only when a festival or party is around. This prevents dust from settling in the corners and giving a dirty and unruly look.

Cleaning Sofa with Vacuum Cleaner @TheRoyaleIndia

A vacuum cleaner and a dry cloth should be enough to take care of the cleaning process.

3. Say No to Water, Solvents and Chemicals

Leather Furniture Wipe Clean @TheRoyaleIndia

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One of the most common mistakes that people often commit is using an excess of water or soap to clean their leather furniture. It is highly NOT ADVISABLE to use any kind of solvent as it fragments the leather surface and speeds up the cracking process. Just keep in mind that water, bleach and other liquids are potentially harmful to your sofas. If there is a stain that doesn’t go off with dry cloth, use a minimum amount of water for cleaning up the surface. Also, wipe it dry once you are done!

4. No Lazing Around

Swipe Water Leather Furniture @TheRoyaleIndia

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If your child or anyone else spills something on your leather sofa, immediately grab a clean and dry cloth and wipe it dry. Never ever let it air dry on its own. I am sure you don’t want those ugly cracks to develop on your favourite leather couch.

5. Keep Pets Away

Keep pets away from Leather Furniture @TheRoyaleIndia

Leather furniture is safe in your home even with pets around; just make sure that your dog doesn’t see it as a chew toy and don’t let your cat use it as a new scratching spot. Their claws can scratch the leather. However, by using a dry micro-fibre cloth, you can easily buff off minor scratches.

Leather Sofa Cover @TheRoyaleIndia

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Also, using covers can be a great idea to protect your leather furniture. You can either use light weight sheets when not in use or use covers to prevent damage from spills to pets.

6. Nourish Leather Furniture

Leather Furniture Polish @TheRoyaleIndia

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If you are committed to maintaining your leather furniture, you must consider conditioning it regularly. Use leather conditioners every six months to maintain the sheen and lustre. Conditioning the leather on regular basis prevents drying-out and developing ugly cracks. Keep in mind to choose a mild polish instead of a harsh and strong one.

7. Ask for Professional Help

Leather Cleaning Professionals @TheRoyaleIndia

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Always remember that leather upholstery is not the place to experiment, so if there is a stain that’s hard to remove, do ask for professional help. These professionals will clean your sofas and also apply the leather cream to make it look just like new.

Cleaning Leather Furniture @TheRoyaleIndia

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Leather is highly prized upholstery and is prized for its durability and ability to add sophistication to any room. But without proper care it can become grimy and lose its glossy appearance and supple feel. So, it’s already time to indulge in some leather love.

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