7 Unusual Last Minute Ideas for Valentine’s Day

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If you’re bored of the old Valentine Day dates, here are some fun unconventional dates that are sure to warm the cockles of your heart and make you feel ‘love dizzy’, says Sumita Chakraborty.

Can you see a row of cute little red hearts floating in the air? Yes? Well, why not? After all, it’s the ‘love’ month – February! Romance is the buzzword more so as Valentine’s Day is just ‘round the corner. So if you’re sitting on a crowded Mumbai train and yet you find yourself transported in your head to some exotic destination in Europe, shimmying in a chiffon sari to a violin medley amidst beds of kaleidoscopic hued tulips, blame it on all the Yash Chopra romantic flicks you grew up watching!

But dreaming aside, have you planned out anything for Valentine’s Day? Or are you hoping your better half will surprise you with something new? But you know what… with all the dreaming and the procrastination, you’re lagging in the love race.

But no worries… here are some last minute unconventional ideas you can think of dabbling in, this Valentine’s Day.

Couple Paint Ball @TheRoyaleIndia

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PaintBall Fizz

Ditch the clichéd ‘cozy dinner at home, it’s the time for fun and frolic. Feel the love by going for a boisterous session of paintball. Yes, you heard right? In the time of love, it’s war! Paintball gives you a taste of a war-like scenario. The two of you can rush around with guns blazing or hide in defense to save your camp. No other sport gives an adrenalin rush like this one. Try it; you are sure to love the thrilling experience. In Mumbai, there are several paintball centres including Headrush, Reloadpaintbrush, OWG Paintbrush and Adventure Sports. For the rest of the nation, just click on paintball and you’ll find loads of centres popping up. It can cost from Rs 250 onwards.

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Outdoor Romance

And since you two lovers are on the go, why not go in for some hardy outdoor sports. From going on a go-karting binge to waterfall rappelling or even hitting the beach to go standup surfing or kayaking… you adrenalin junkies can feel the love together. There are several go-carting tracks at many amusement parks, just a teeny weeny click on the search engine, and you’re ready to romance in the outdoor. The cost can be anywhere from Rs 420 onwards. For rappelling, you can head to Lonavla, Kasara or many such places around Mumbai. The cost is RS 500 onwards. Standup surfing is a huge pull at Gorai in Mumbai, try it and you two are sure to come back for more.

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So You Think You Can Dance?

If you’ve had enough of the outdoor hobnobbing, why don’t show off your clever moves by joining a dance class together for a day? There are so many dance classes where you can learn to waltz, fox trot or do some Latin rumba. You’re sure to ignite the fire of passion as you dance together sensuously matching move for move.

Couple Cooking @TheRoyaleIndia

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Cooking Up A Storm

Too many activities can tire you out, but food can fire up the passions like never before. Join a cooking class for the day or even head to your kitchen and whip up a ‘sexed up’ menu that guarantees to tease your senses. Try out new cuisine using aphrodisiacs that can spark off romance. From oysters known to boost love and fertility to avocado, chocolate, figs to strawberries, both of you can put on your cook’s apron, nuzzle a bit on the side and whip up a romantic meal together. Go all the way… candlelight, a cooked up love menu, music and loads of romance.

Couple Winery @TheRoyaleIndia

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Brewery Or A Winery Tour

Red, red wine can always inject love into a couple’s life. These days, there are so many brewery or wine tours, why don’t you sign up for one? It’s so romantic sipping on yummy wines as you walk through the brewery learning about how wines are made. Or you can hold hands as you are taken on a tour through the vineyard. Soma Wines ‘Beyond’ in Nasik is a very romantic getaway, or you can head to Narayan Gaon of Pune… a brewery tour is sure to make your hearts beat as one.

Hot air baloon @TheRoyaleIndia

Hot Air Balloon Tour

This one is new. But hot air balloon tours are becoming a huge fad. Head off to Lonavala or Pune for a hot air balloon tour and soak in the love ambience from the blue skies. You can even propose to your beloved with a bouquet, up in the sky. Ferns and Petals offers, a wide range of bouquet options to choose from. The excitement and thrill will not only up the romance ante, you’ll also get a bird eye’s tour of the city.

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Reliving Your Romance

And if you want to have a lazy Romantic date with your love, why don’t you plonk yourself in each other’s arms in front of the computer and pour over old memories – from pictures of when you first met, to anniversaries and romantic dates. Go ahead, feel the love as you relive the past. You can even surprise your beloved, with a gift. You need not go to a store to do that. You can always buy it online from a plethora of Valentine Offers, that are available in various websites. Do keep a nice bottle of red wine and get some delicious food from the exotic takeaway close by so that you can snack up as you tread together into the romantic lanes of the past.

Happy Valentine’s Day! Feel the love!

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