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I am sure you must have brought a gorgeous Christmas tree long before the D-Day. But, in case you have not and are still wondering what to do and how to make a Christmas tree, then just hang on, we have something just for you!

Also, are you bored of the same old Christmas tree décor and want to try out something different and innovative? From Christmas trees made with Wine Corks to those made out of books, there are many creative ways to welcome Santa in a modish way. In this article we have rounded up 2 Christmas tree ideas that can easily fit your home, no matter how small it is:

1. Christmas Tree Made Out of Books

Books christmas tree @TheRoyaleIndia


Do you enjoy reading books and take pride in your extensive collection of books? From fiction to philosophy and motivational to spiritual, you have it all. So, take out all those books that are stashed away somewhere and put them to some good use.

Book arrangement christmas tree @TheRoyaleIndia


Well, start piling your books according to their size and thickness . You will need almost 100 books for a 1 meter high Christmas tree.

Christmas tree books @TheRoyaleIndia


Now you must start working on the base of your Christmas tree. You can opt for a triangular base using the widest books (if you do not have much books), otherwise you can always go for a square base (for a larger tree). You can also keep the titles of the books outwards to add more colour to the entire set-up. Keep adding layers now and ensure that each layer has an equal height. After reaching almost the mid-way you can start piling smaller books.

Christmas tree stacked books @TheRoyaleIndia


To finish the look, you can either place a small book or a star or may be a bow in an intriguing manner . There you go!!

2. Wine Cork Christmas Tree

Wine cork christmas tree @TheRoyaleIndia


If you have a good number of wine corks, then you can make something surprisingly creative out of it. You can start attaching two wine corks using hot glue.

Non traditional christmas tree @TheRoyaleIndia


Now hot glue a third wine cork in the middle of these two and keep joining corks till you get the tree of your desired shape and size. You can also stack a few corks to form the tree trunk.

Christmas tree wine cork @TheRoyaleIndia


Always keep in mind that if you are using corks from red wine, then make sure that all the red ends are on one side.

If you have creative Christmas tree decorative ideas, then you must checkout the best of deals on ornaments and other decorative items on Couponraja’s Christmas page. With such cute Christmas trees, there is no way you won’t impress Santa! Get going!!

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