Lakme Eyeconic Kajal Review With 3 Looks You Can Try

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Ask a girl what makeup article she absolutely cannot live without and she will without a moment’s hesitation say ‘Kajal!’ It doesn’t matter what kind of a girl she is, kajal is a basic necessity. It’s miraculous how a single streak of kajal on the eyes can completely change her entire look.

Puffy eyes or dark circles somehow just seem to vanish with one line of the kajal. It has become so important in our lives now that it can’t even be considered as make-up. It has become a part of our skin, our eyes. With so many women using kajal sticks, there is a lot of variety available in the online market that give you beautiful looking eyes in just a couple hundred bucks. However, if you are looking for prestige and niche brands all at one place, then ‘’ would be the best choice to find unparalleled assortment of elite brands that are cherry picked by their Beauty Advisors.

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lakme kajal @TheRoyaleIndia

image credits : Deepaxi Katoch

One of these extremely useful and wondrous products is Lakme’s Eyeconic. This little magic stick is water-proof, doesn’t smudge, stays on for 10 hours (or more if you don’t try to take it off) and is skin friendly. What else do you need from kajal anyway?

lakme kajal eyeconic @TheRoyaleIndia

image credits : Deepaxi Katoch

The kajal is deep black and runs in smooth lines so that you can apply your eye makeup without struggling too much for the perfect shape. The intense black colour, and the smoothness of the strokes makes it a better option amongst competitors.

And because it is so easy to apply, there are many strokes you can experiment with for a different look every day. Here are 3 looks I’ve tried that even you can get easily with Lakme Eyeconic Kajal stick.

Fierce Cat Eye Look

cat eye look @TheRoyaleIndia

image credits : Ketaki Mankame

This fierce look is great for parties. It’s just the look that’ll inspire respect for you in the eyes of guys and a little bit of wondrous intimidation in the eyes of all the spectators. This one exudes nothing but confidence and sexiness.

Upper Lash Bash

eyeconic lakme review @TheRoyaleIndia

image credits : Ketaki Mankame

For something that can be done on a daily basis, there’s the upper eye lash makeup. All you have to do is glide the kajal stick on your upper eye lids and wing it a little at the end. After that, a little bit of fluttering those gorgeous lashes will have butterflies fluttering in any guy’s tummy who sets his eyes on yours.

Lower lash wonder

lakme eyeconic @TheRoyaleIndia

image credits : Ketaki Mankame

On those lazy days when makeup feels like too much work, but you still need a saving grace, low lash wonder comes to your rescue. It’s extremely easy and makes you look presentable enough on no makeup days.

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