Savor The Authentic Konkani Fish Curry (Recipe for ‘Alle Piyava’)

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Konkanis have essentially mastered the art of making fish curries. Now that doesn’t sound uncanny for people living in a state gifted with a rich fauna of fishes. If I were a fish, I would have been very proud if I were prepared the Konkani way. Mackarel, Pomfret, Prawns; you name it, they know it!

So here’s me, passing on a simple one of my “mother’s” Konkani fish curry recipe to all my co-fish lovers!

What you’ll need

alle piyava fish curry recipe @TheRoyaleIndia

For the gravy

1. Coconut – 1/2 coconut

2. Tamarind – 1 small piece

3. Mildly roasted Red Chili – 8 pcs

5. Ginger – For flavour

6. Onion – 1 pcs.

7. Green Chili – 2 pcs

8. Coconut Oil – 2 tbsp

9. Salt to taste

Star of the show:

Pomfret/King Mackerel – 4 pieces

What to do

1. Marinade the fish in salt and keep aside.

2. Mildly roast the red chillies on a pan for about 5 minutes(till darkened).

3. Grind the coconut, tamarind and roasted red chillies to make a fine paste

4. On a pan, put the paste and add the fish pieces and add 2 glasses of water to the gravy.

5. Put a lid on the pan and allow it to cook for 5 minutes

6. While that cooks, grind together ginger, onion and green chilli.

7. Once the gravy is cooked, add this paste.

8.Garnish with coconut oil.

And once you prepare this easy to prepare dish, you can thank me!

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