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There are many roles you play in life. You are a caring daughter, a concerned sister, a doting mother, a responsible wife and a good grandmother. But above all you are a woman. Your love is heart-warming and support comforting. You are beautiful in everything you do. You look adorable in everything you wear. We bow before you “O women” for you give birth to new lives and nurture them. Make sure they are at their healthiest best, all the time.

Did you know that Breast cancer is the second leading cause of death among women? Well, breast cancer is a disease wherein malignant (cancer) cells are formed in the tissues of the breast. These cells are damaged and can attack tissues that surround these cells. These cells can later enter blood vessels or lymph vessels which form tissues that spread throughout the body.  These harmful tissues then damage many other tissues and organs.

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Detection of breast cancer at an early stage is essential so as to treat it at earliest. There are many signs and symptoms of breast cancer that you should know about.

Change in breast/nipple: There are certain changes you could feel and notice in your breast area. Nipples would feel very tender, or you could find a lump in the breast area or underarm area. There might be a change in the texture of your skin. It might feel more like an orange peel’s texture. The pores in the skin of the breast might feel bloated. The moment you notice a lump in your bosom, it is advisable to consult a professional doctor as soon as possible. This is important because not all the lumps formed are malicious.

Appearance of the breast/nipple: One symptom is the sudden change in the size or shape of the breast. See if there is any dimpling around the breast area. A glaring sign of breast cancer is swelling on breast (mostly occurs on one of the boobs). Like swelling, there could even be shrinkage of the breasts (on one side only). If one of your breasts is bigger than the other all of a sudden, it is recommended that you visit a doctor and get yourself examined. Check whether nipple is inward or inverted.

Nipple discharge: any kind of milky discharge even when not breastfeeding should be consulted with a doctor. Sometimes bloody discharge appears too. In such a case, approaching an expert medical assistance is vital.

Chronic pain in the breast area: If it starts aching at one particular spot at any point in time, kindly see a doctor.

If you experience above mentioned signs and symptoms does not necessarily mean that you have breast cancer. But if you have some symptoms, acquiring a doctor’s opinion is crucial. Doctors might ask you to get it tested and diagnosed. If the breast cancer is at an early stage it can be treated and one can resume a normal life. Science and technology has made developments and there are treatment options available for the same.

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Every woman is a God’s gift to humankind. Cherish the joy of being one – care for yourself. Make sure you are attentive to your breasts and your health.

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