Know All About Athleisure Wear: The Latest Fashion Trend

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Fashion trend – ‘Athleisure’ or active wear is making a style buzz off late. Once, a passing fad is now a major fashion trend. Athletic wear was limited to sports, but athleisure is for just about any use. Athleisure basically combines the sturdiness of sportswear and the comfort of a business casual. This versatility has drawn towards itself numerous consumers across the world. Is it a wonder that more people are adapting to this snug life style.

So, what exactly is Athleisure?

Having created a name and local habitation for itself, Athleisure has created a niche in the fashion industry and made its way into the Merriam-Webster’s dictionary. Athleisure refers to casual and sporty clothing like sweat pants, leggings, yoga pants, and hoodies – which are basically designed for workouts which then go on to double as general use. Athleisure is a single outfit to take a woman from a spinning class to a shopping mall, to a coffee shop or to a cocktail party. Comfort and flexibility are the major foci for athleisure. This latest fashion trend of athleisure is here to stay, even in your heart and head thanks to its fashionablity its economic viability!

Who crafted Athleisure?

As per Forbes, Millennials who make up 28% of the US population started this trend. Their increased health awareness and cultural shift in the workplace made it a hep to wear sweatpants and sneakers to the office. It was more convenient, to not carry an extra pair of formal clothes to change, after working out in the gym.

The trend was basically started by fitness-conscious women, but apparently, men were quick to get into the act themselves, adapting to athleisure wear. Men’s fashion athleisure wear includes luxury sweatpants, varsity jackets, sweaters, pea coats and torso with men’s blazers. While women’s athleisure wear includes leggings, criss-cross cut out yoga capris, T-back tank tops, loose tanks, shorts, jackets and much more. More than anywhere else, variety is not only the spice but the life of the product.

Is Athleisure a boon to the Fashion industry?

With the growing fitness awareness, Athleisure is going places. Sportswear, earlier limited to the fitness freak and was once confined to sports brands, has now expanded to ubiquity, from casual wear to official acceptability. Wear it and proclaim to those around you your rounded, balanced life of the personal and the professional, seamlessly synergising both.

The textile industry has dedicated itself to innovating more breathable, lightweight, waterproof, comfortable and relaxing clothing to make life simpler and smarter. Clothing materials like Lycra, spandex and other synthetic fibers are incorporated in the manufacture. The extravagant styles, versatile and high design silhouettes, fine quality fabrics, among so many other innovations are used to justify the exorbitant prices. Sports brands are teaming up with leading designers to keep up with latest fashion trends. Designers are coming up with unique prints and textures offering creative patterns and styles. The latest collections of famous designer athleisure wear also appear on the major fashion runways. Athleisure is termed as a ‘weird hybrid’ of an athletic wear and a business casual. On the whole, the athleisure market is rapidly growing, pulling in the health-conscious and conscientious employee!

How long will the tide last?

Well, as per the sources it’s great news for athleisure fans. Morgan Stanley’s projection for global activewear sales says that this sale will keep rising at least till 2020. The athleisure trend is predicted to remain at least for a decade. Last time, something which took over such a tide in the fashion industry was? – you guessed it – jeans!

How to sport Athleisure wear to look chic?

Athleisure wear is extremely comfortable. It can look super chic or sloppy, depending on how you wear it. People of all ages are flaunting off the athleisure wear. But, the look which works for me might not look the same on you. Here are some of the golden rules to follow – to sport a confident and classy athleisure wear.

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1. Neutral colours can never go wrong

Vibrant colours look stunning in the gym. But wearing bright colours to the office might seem aggressive. Prioritize monochromatic palette, neutral prints – they look sophisticated and smart. You can choose colours like black, dark blues, heather grays, nudes, charcoals and white instead of something as bright as neon. Geometric prints on neutral colours or mud prints can look fashionable on anyone. Neutral colours can be /attractive and can make you look super confident with ease.

2. Mix and match with quality fabrics

Mix and match functions and style! Ditch the plain, featureless leggings that are so boring, and pick the camo-printed ones – you will feel walk tall. Pair them up with a striped top and a varsity jacket, and be who you want to be.

For a classy look, flaunt a long jacket with leggings and a crop top. A crop hoodie and a pair of leggings are a to-die combo. Wear a killer pair of sneakers with a skirt or a dress. Denim skirt and sneakers are a pair made in heaven and never fail to wave the magic wand for you with their classy look. Balance the neon clothing with neutral coloured layers. Elevate the athleisure look with stretchy lace leggings and a cool jacket.

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3. Accessorise to enhance your look

A perfect way to accessorize your athleisure wear is to pair it up with mirrored sunglasses, a shirt tied around your waist and a structured leather jacket. You can also add a bomber jacket or a comfy hoodie jacket for a more comfortable look. Keep in mind the unbiased colour while picking up your favourite jacket. Experiment with your hair and a pair of sneakers. Try a half knot up and half hair down or try a top bun. You can also pick some trendy accessories like chokers, chain link necklaces or a single-statement earring.

4. Invest in performance fabrics

Check out your leggings to make sure they are not a see-through fabric. Don’t be surprised to see numerous sheer leggings in the market. Shop wisely, and you will not regret at leisure. Go for performance fabrics – it conceals your cellulite on legs and the extra flab, if you have it, around your hips. Performance fabric is odour resistant, quick drying, and moisture absorbing. These fabrics are worth every penny and make you extremely comfortable for the entire day.

5. Let the occasion choose the dress

A sports bra and shorts would be perfect to work out. But it can be inappropriate for your office or a social gathering.  Ratty leggings and a t-shirt with holes cannot work all the time. Be sentient about the condition of clothes. Ensure the white sneakers are spotless to wear the next day. Use a nail polish remover to clean out stains or dirt on your white sneaker instantly. Keep your look fresh and classy – and make heads turn.

6. Do not go overboard

Let the sporty look mimic your normal appearance. If your wardrobe is mostly filled with black and flowing clothes, choose your athleisure to match up with the situation. Wearing neon out of the blue can be too jarring on those who know you, and may literally look like a costume. Keep it subtle till you get comfortable. Gradually move on to bright colours. Neon shoes or bright coloured shoes can also be made to gradually match up with your closet.  Neutral and immaculate sneakers are a great way to sport athleisure look effortlessly.

A tip: Some of the must-have athleisure essentials include Yoga leggings, bomber jackets, basketball shorts and active coordinates. These basics will sure help you to rock any athleisure look.

Is athleisure confined to clothes and shoes alone?

The answer is No – athleisure doesn’t end with clothes and shoes. Athleisure trend is rapidly moving on to bags, watches, and makeup. A renowned sports brand Adidas has seen an increased growth of 9% within luggage and bags in 2016. This is almost three times the average growth every year. Another flagship sports brand, Nike, teamed up with Apple to bring the prissy the Apple watch. Fitness freaks own these classy gadgets to show off with style.

Athleisure make up trend is taking over social media with numerous video tutorials. Beauty brands have been cashing in on cosmetics for before and after workout looks. Some of the athleisure beauty products include sweat proof and budge proof products. However, you would be best advised to workout with no makeup – to let your skin breathe while you sweat it out, to get rid of body toxins.

Are you looking for instant athleisure style tips?

Check out the simple style tips below:

  1. Make a style statement by adding a denim jacket, and a scarf around your neck.
  2. If you are bored of black, go for bright colours and sync each piece with your look.
  3. Swap your sneakers for sandals to give you that instant athleisure look.
  4. Wear a pair of heels with jogger pants or sweats, and look instantly stylish.
  5. Leather or pleather leggings paired up with a mesh top can look super classy. Wrap a shirt around your waist and finish off the look with a cross body bag.
  6. Sport a casual look by pairing up a sporty dress with trendy sneakers.
  7. Skip the leggings and wear the knee – length top alone. Pair it up with sneakers and finish off your look with loose hair.
  8. Give an instant athleisure look with a bright top over the monochrome leggings.
  9. Wear a pleated skirt and pair it up with mesh-sneakers and a sporty jacket.
  10. A pencil skirt with sneakers can make you instantly look awesome.
  11. Embellished leggings or patterned leggings can be more fun and playful.
  12. Low-cut top and a strappy bralette can transform your gym look into athleisure look in no time.

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