Kitchen Equipments – Your best friends when cooking!!

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Household chores are something we all can’t escape. Especially for working women, as they need to juggle between cooking and getting ready for work. Sounds like the story of your life? Well, here are few kitchen appliances that can turn out to be your best friend indeed.

Mixer & Blenders @TheRoyaleIndia

Mixer & Blenders A complete blessing for anyone who wants to save time. Gone are those days of traditional methods, where one would spend hours to prepare food. With the invention of mixers & blenders, cooking has become much easier. Add all the ingredients in the mixer jar, select the intensity of grinding and the base for your meal is ready. A lot of compact models are available in the market these days, designed with new technology blades in different sizes. Mixers and blenders help you to chop, coarsely grind and prepare delicious chutneys, juices and milkshakes within minutes.

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Toasters The first golden rule to stay healthy – Never skip your first meal of the day!! Opt for a good quality electric toaster and make sure you and your family have a couple of toast slices before you step out for the day. Don’t compromise on health when you have an option to prepare healthy breakfast meals for you and your family.

The latest entrant – Havells Toastino is a sandwich maker cum toaster. We’re sure everyone will love yummy sandwiches or toasted bread with honey.

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Cookers – If you learn the basics well, a cooker can turn out to be your best kitchen ally. Put in all the ingredients in cooker container, add sufficient amount of water, put on the stove and wait for the whistle. Make sure you time the whistles perfectly or it may result in the food being over cooked. Several recipe books on how to use the cooker will guide you to prepare a wide variety of dishes perfectly.

One of the most trusted brands is Prestige that has been leading the market since years. However, you can choose the one that suits you the best.

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Electric Grills Eating the same type of food daily can be quite boring. Try out different types of cuisines with the help of an electric griller. Check out the oil-free cooking options it offers, if you are more on the health conscious side.

The Berg Multi Cuisine Maker has all the features combined into one. Use it to bake or heat or grill in a couple of minutes and serve mouth melting barbequed paneer, chicken and vegetables to your family as often as you can.

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Microwaves – Conventional microwave ovens are the perfect option for easy cooking. With microwaves, all you need to do is mix the ingredients in a bowl, choose a cooking option and continue with your pending work as your meal gets ready. No more waiting near your gas stove to check on your meals while they get ready!!

Amongst the available range, Samsung CE108MDF-S is quite reliable as you can bake, grill, steam and much more with its 61 ‘auto-menu’ functions. Now, you can quickly bake cakes and stir up other tasty meals in a microwave in just a couple of minutes.

In this fast paced world, choosing the right set of kitchen equipments will save your efforts and help you to utilize your time well. With new innovative products offering better compatibility and ease while cooking are launched every other day. So, why not ease out your stress levels in the kitchen with these companions that help you to cook without much pressure. Enjoy the praises showered by your family and family as you conjure up delicious meals in jiffy, you deserve them after all, don’t you?

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