“KISS OF LOVE” – Protesting the Gandhigiri way

November 4, 2014 “KISS OF LOVE” – Protesting the Gandhigiri way! @TheRoyaleIndia 620 0 0

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Have you ever tagged crime as simple and silly? How leniently do you take things happening around you? As simple as making your local trains a dumping ground for garbage, eve teasing or indecent public behavior. How many of us go cranky and try to protest? Well, believe it or not, most us just ignore it (although we are willing to take a stand against it, we don’t!) But here’s a group of youngsters who have come forward and gathered to break the stereotype and make a difference by changing the way people think about certain acts through, The “Kiss Of Love” Movement.

About the Movement- #KissOfLove

They came, dared the mob and finally did it! Kiss Of love! A social campaign which began in Kochi a couple of days back, gained maximum momentum and support from all the student communities across the country. Youngsters have started protesting against moral policing. Showcasing their rage and anger by kissing, they just wanted to convey a simple message of ‘Right to Act’. As an adult each and every person should have the liberty of kissing irrespective of where or with whom the act is done. While the government takes no serious action against severe crimes such as murders, rapes taking place in our society why object on kissing? And moreover, if pissing is allowed in public, why not kissing?

kiss of love campaign @TheRoyaleIndia

Looking at the huge gathered crowd, cops tried to detain the protestors, however the movement did not stop. Students from IIT, Mumbai and Delhi were showing solidarity by locking lips in public. There was massive supporting crowd at Mumbai’s Marine Drive as well. Around 5,000 onlookers had gathered. It was a restless crowd driven by repressed energy, hoping for something more real than the lewd MMs videos.

It is surely a great movement with a punch against some of the socially pre-conceived notions, false beliefs, and unreal, illogical norms. It’s time to get socially hooked towards the right things and support in the development of our country! Go, join the movement!

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