Keep Your Home ‘Thanda Thanda Cool Cool’ (6 Quick Tips)

April 5, 2015 Keep Your Home 'Thanda Thanda Cool Cool' (6 Quick Tips) @TheRoyaleIndia 1088 0 0

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India’s ‘weather’ is like that drunk person who gets sloshed up very often and ends up talking gibberish. Either laughs too much, cries too much, doesn’t talk at all, or does everything at the same time; multi-tasking you see. One can never understand what it is up to. More so, it has a bipolar personality; only extremes, there’s no median.

Talking about having no median, we all know how Indian summers are. For this reason the Royale lists a few essential tips for you to keep your home cool.

Go Green

Go Green @TheRoyaleIndia

Try to grow/keep as many plants possible in your window grill or balcony and a couple of hanging planters, as well. Yes, this exercise though is time consuming and requires some maintenance but it works wonderfully in absorbing the direct sunlight from entering your rooms during the summers. Sunshine filtering through the plants is definitely less hot and adds to the brightness of the room.

Plant suggestions – money plant, hanging petunia, lantana, grape ivy, spider plant, bamboo palm and so on. For more ideas, you could approach your local nursery.

Fresh Accents at home

Fresh Accents at home @TheRoyaleIndia

Place a bowl of fresh water with a colorful flower arrangement floating on top in living rooms and across personal spaces. The faint aroma from the freshest of flowers does make the room cool to some extent. You could even place aroma candles within them. Alternatively, place fresh flower vase arrangements across the house and bowls of fresh fruits as centerpieces on your dining and kitchen table.

Protect your home from Hot Air

Draw Up The Curtains @TheRoyaleIndia

Ensure that you draw up your curtains and blinds as soon as the day advances to keep the hot air out of your home. As the peak summer season sets in, draw them up early in the morning and also ventilate your home once the sun sets and cooler breeze starts blowing.

Alternatively, installing blinds is yet another viable way to reduce the hot rays from penetrating your home, this works well if you have sliding window or French windows. Choose from vertical or horizontal blinds as per your window size, room design and colour.

Protect your rooftop from getting heated

Protect your rooftop from getting heated @TheRoyaleIndia

Applying a coat of hydrated lime (chuna) or distemper on the terrace is one of the most preferred and affordable ways to keep homes cooler. In fact, this exercise is carried out by most houses in Rajasthan and Gujarat where the temperatures soar above 40° C during peak summer time. Also, in Mediterranean countries such as Greece, Spain and Italy you will find whitewashed houses all across the countryside.

Air conditioners - Installation and Maintenance

Air conditioners - Installation and Maintenance @TheRoyaleIndia

Yes, they definitely offer the best cooling solutions. It is advisable to get a routine maintenance task of your air conditioner done just before the summer and once again during the mid summer period. This ensures that the vent, the filter screen and the ducts are properly cleaned and working at optimum levels.

If you are planning to install a new air conditioner at home, double check its capacity and installation points so that you can enjoy its cooling the most. Also, check out what works best for your home – window air conditioners or split air conditioner. Make sure you also check their energy saving rating.

Installation of CFL lights

Installation of CFL lights @TheRoyaleIndia

It’s time to say goodbye to power gobbling incandescent lights. Replace them with modern power saving CFL lights. You will definitely feel the difference as your rooms stay cooler. These lights also lower your electricity bill.

All said and done, keeping your home cool during summer definitely needs some efforts from your end which you can do once the summer season is about to begin. It is even more important for you to keep calm and face the summer heat as cheerfully as you can.

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