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With strength & swag that can put even Marvel’s superheroes to shame, comes our very own Superstar, Rajnikanth. His very real ‘demi-God’ status is something that even Thor will never get… and that is why when ‘Thalaiva’ has a film-release, companies send out a memo declaring 22nd July as a holiday! Makes sense; what company would want their employees taking a mass sick leave to catch the first-day-first-show of the South star’s latest film?

Kabali release 22nd july declared holiday @TheRoyaleIndia

With Rajnikanth’s Kabali releasing this Friday, every company owner, school principal, & college professor knows that the attendance for that day will see a massive drop. So what’s the solution, you ask? Voluntarily declare the day of the film’s release as an off so that at least you can retain your reputation so that everyone, including the bosses, teachers, and professors can watch the matinee idol’s film on the first day itself!

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If the news is to be believed, many Bengaluru & Chennai-based firms have very generously declared the 22nd of July as a holiday so that Rajnikanth’s fans can enjoy an extended weekend, starting with some amusing movie watching!

Specifically, the Chennai-based Fyndus India Pvt Ltd. and Bengaluru-based Opus Waterproofing are the ones who have taken the mantle to demonstrate just how much they care for their employees and Rajnikanth’s films, by being the first ones to notify their employees of the pleasantly surprising holiday. As like any Rajnikanth movie, even his fans go a mile further than required; Fyndus is providing free tickets to its employees to prevent anti-piracy! Just like the star, even his fans are quite philanthropic, wouldn’t you say?

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When it comes to ‘The Boss’ even film marketing takes new heights. The producers of Kabali have collaborated with AirAsia to fly aeroplanes with a Kabali theme! Another marketing strategy included the film’s official partner, Muthoot FinCorp, produce silver coins embossed with the actor’s Kabali image! The excitement over the movie’s release has been palpable, as evidenced by the 5 million views that the film’s teaser garnered within 24 hours of its release!

If you need a reason to watch the movie (apart from the fact that it stars Rajinikanth), here’s the premise of the flick:

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Directed and written by Pa. Ranjith, the film sees Rajinikanth play an ageing gangster who is fighting for the rights of the Tamil diaspora in Malaysia. It will cover the political and social backdrop of the immigration of these communities as well as their struggle to fit in, in a foreign land.

Kabali movie cast radhika apte rajnikanth @TheRoyaleIndia

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Apart from the obvious Rajinikanth factor, the film will attempt to capture the audience’s hearts with its strong emotional currents.

To book the tickets at your nearest theatre, do not forget to make use of Bookmyshow coupons to enjoy this flick of our very own Demi-God at the most affordable price. Go ahead, write that leave of absence stating that Superstar Rajinikanth has come to a theatre near you so you won’t be able to attend school/college/work, and rejoice with the rest of the cinemagoers as Rajini throws a punch at the bad guys this Friday!

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