Just launched Samsung Level – series of premium audio accessories

May 7, 2014 Just launched Samsung Level - series of premium audio accessories @TheRoyaleIndia 756 0 0

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Audiophiles! How about some cool music in a high-quality headset? We mean it! Samsung Electronics has announced a new range of premium audio accessories with organic audio feature, better console, convenience and fashion that offers mobile users the paramount sound experience for their smartphone or tablet. Samsung’s ‘Level’ series consists of four kinds of skillfully crafted audio products: Level Over, Level On, Level In, and Level Box.

Level Over features advanced HD quality sound, a comfy & ergonomic design, touch controls, and wireless Bluetooth pairing. The user gets profound and natural sound because of its 50 mm Dynamic Driver made with high performance Neodymium, which is 30% stronger than regular magnets. A free edge configuration finished with Bio Cellulose averts echo between the vibration plate and the frame, thus offering the unique sound. Level Over also utilizes a fusion type active sound termination, equally on the inside of the headphone and with a mic. So that users can take pleasure in absolutely crystal clear music.

Level On merges a solid style with a better placates and sound structure to present a first-class sound experience. It is intended to offer innate and lucid sound, flexibly dampening the air flow with a 40mm dual layered diaphragm.

Level In presents an immersive sonic setting for any action with a great three-way speaker, so that you hear to rich sounds that swathe low, mid, and high sounds naturally and unmistakably.

Level Box is a finest and solid Bluetooth speaker that has a characteristic solid metal design inclusive of full metal grille. With a big (56mm) stereo speaker and a passive radiator, the system is optimised to deliver high quality sound that is potent, crisp and reasonable. The dedicated hardware design reduces sound and reverberate termination, and an en suite microphone makes it perfect for phone and conference calls.

The Samsung Level series will be accessible from mid-May in the majority of the markets world over. So what are you waiting for? Grab them once Samsung latest headphones are available!

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