The Ultimate Guide To Japanise your beauty regime!

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If we had to ask our beauty genie for two wishes, the answer would probably be the sheen of hair and the glowing skin that the Japanese radiate. We often attribute it to an extremely nutritious diet, envying the tropical fish that dominates the Japanese cuisine. But, here is a wider sneak peek into the Japanese regime for all those who wish to possess a pristine glow for their skin and boast of gorgeous tresses:

1. Azuki for a blemish-free skin:

Japanese beauty secrets azuki beans exfoliation


Azuki is an old herb found in the Japanese ecosystem. The women here use it extensively by simply rubbing it on their skin. When applied regularly, the skin becomes blemish-free and the dryness starts to fade away, giving way to softer and smoother skin.

2. Drinking up for a clean system and a clear skin:

Japanese beauty secrets drink green tea


Well, of course, water is the key; but the Japanese add the goodness of green in the age-old water. Sipping on green tea the entire day, they ensure that their systems are always detoxified and clear of any undesired waste. This is one of the biggest reasons behind the resplendent shine in their hair and the radiant glow to their skin.

3. Sushi for the tummy and the hair:

Japanese beauty secrets sushi


Almost all of us love sushi, and sushi is one of the most prominent delicacies of the Japanese cuisine. Wrapped in the richness of seaweed added to the nutritional value of rice, sushi makes for one of the best dishes to consume not only for your tummy but also for adding shine to your hair.

4. Something is fishy about the feet!

Japanese beauty secrets fish pedicure


The Japanese also swear by the fish feet therapy. These fishes are known as the “toothless fish” or the ‘doctor fish’. Soaking your feet in a tub or pond filled with them makes you tickle your way through a clear, dead skin free pair of feet! Tickling has never been this fruitful.

5. Getting rid of acne with the help of nature:

Japanese beauty secrets tea tree oil raw turmeric for acne

Combining the oils of tea tree and raw turmeric makes for the best remedy for removal of acne. The Japanese often use both these elements in their regime which help them keep their skin completely smooth and soft.

6. More like- hi, hi; birdie!

Japanese beauty secrets bird poop facial


This one is slightly weird and is definitely hard to believe but the excreta of birds (Japanese bush warblers, also called Uguisu), are widely used by the Japanese as part of their beauty regime. This bird’s poop is supposed to keep the skin supple and smooth. It is, literally, a shitty path to attain beauty.

7. Indulging in oil therapy:

Japanese beauty secrets camellia oil for skin


All of us know the advantages of applying oil to our hair regularly. But, not many of us are aware of the beauty-accentuating power of camellia oil. It is believed that the geishas applied camellia oil to hydrate their skin and to remove makeup. There are also legendary mentions of Japanese court women using camellia oil to style their hair in the ancient times.

8. Success with simplicity:

Japanese beauty secrets


A lot of Japanese women steer clear of complicated beauty methods and keep their regime simple with cleansing, toning, applying serum and moisturising as a routine for both morning and night.

9. Apply what you eat:

Japanese beauty secrets healthy eating


It is also believed that anything that can be put inside your mouth can be applied on the skin. The principal is that the skin has pores and can soak in everything your system can ingest. With natural remedies like this, your skin will also stay as strong as your body.

10. Cleansing religiously!

This is a practice that has been carried on since the beginning of time. The Japanese women put a lot of emphasis on the practice of cleansing. It is believed that they cleanse as part of their morning ritual, after makeup, and also before sleeping, keeping their skin smooth and supple all the time.

11. The purity of Rice Bran for a pristine beauty regime!

Japanese beauty secrets rice water for face


Used for massaging, moisturising and cleansing, Rice Bran oil as well as rice water is equivalent to a magic potion. Thanks to the value of anti-oxidants, Vitamin-E and Gamma-Oryzanol found in this oil, the oil makes for a great remedy to attain elasticity of skin along with softness and hydration. Also, you can easily make rice water at home using white or brown rice. Simple, isn’t it?

These are some ancient secrets followed by the Japanese to maintain the radiance and glow that all of us envy so much. Which ones are you planning to follow?

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