It’s Halloween! Here are quick DIY ideas to get you ready for the Devil’s party

October 30, 2014 It’s Halloween! Here are quick DIY ideas to get you ready for the Devil’s party @TheRoyaleIndia 824 0 0

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The creepy Goth is knocking at your door along with the spooky crowd dressed-up in uncanny, bizarre and bloodcurdling attires. So, pour the champagne.., grab those vodka shots and get ready to join the craze! Hello.. Halloween..!! We are sure 98% of India has no clue why Halloween is celebrated, so before we give you those quick DIYs, we are taking this upon us to tell you a bit about Halloween’s history

Why is Halloween Celebrated?

Halloween, also known as All Hallows Day is a yearly celebration, which is in remembrance of martyrs, saints and faithfully departed souls. Funny and scary costumes are worn to confront and ridicule the evil spirits and to show that we are superior to them; but at the same time we do miss their presence. It’s celebrated on 31st October every year.

Halloween Costume and make-up DIY (Do-It-Yourself) ideas

Here are some costume ideas to make your party a smokin’hot fun. We at The Royale, have listed these simple, tricky quick costume DIY ideas which you can try out! —

killer zombie halloween @TheRoyaleIndia
  • Killer Zombie : To look straight out of Zombieland, sketch some wounds with the help of your lipstick (if you are a guy then borrow from your girlfriend or bully your sister to lend hers). Next, just pull out some creepy hair strands dab them in gel, so that it stays for long. Paint your face with black and grey shades. Dress-up in dark black t-shirt with multicolored pants. You can also spice up your look with a messy grey wig with a little blood drops drooling over your lips (tomato ketchup please!) What else do you need, to scare the mate sitting next to you?

funny vampire halloween @TheRoyaleIndia
  • Funny Vampire: Go out of the way with a funny Vampire look, probably a clown vampire in disguise. Here’s how you’ll do it—Go berserk with a deadly vampire attire, tie up a black cloth around the neck, with a little more black dress, possibly a casual suit, and finally to add up, red wig and a polka dotted clown tie.

Cruella de Vi. @TheRoyaleIndia
  • Cruella De Evil : Be your neighbourhood dog’s worst enemy this Halloween. Simply wear a long black skirt or dress and spray temporary coloured dye on your hair. Put on a rich long fur coat with a fancy wig and carry a Cigar! Don’t forget the dramatic eye make-up and red hot lipstick.

Here’s how your favorite Celebs were dressed up for Hallooween..can you guess them?

bollywood celebs halloween @TheRoyaleIndia
bollywood halloween @TheRoyaleIndia
bollywood actress halloween @TheRoyaleIndia

Lately, the entire Bollywood clan has been going ga-ga over the Halloween trend organizing the rocking parties where they dress up looking stunningly terrifying. Here are few celebs flaunting their Halloween costumes making it almost difficult to recognize them. Strain your eyes and mind to guess who?

So, this time don’t turn down an invitation to that Halloween party! We have armed you with these simple DIY ideas that’ll make your buddies wonder how you managed to accomplish so many spooks in such little time! Well, you can definitely reveal it to them in exchange of a smart gift for yourself. What say?

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