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Score points by carrying the right handbag to suit your body type, occasion and need. Handbags are not only functional and practical; they can completely transform your outfit from bland to chic in the blink of an eye

Here’s a quick guide and some helpful tips to incorporate the latest trend into your wardrobe and show off your personal style.


the perfect TOTE @TheRoyaleIndia

The most versatile style of bags and sometimes also known as a ‘Shopper’, a Tote is a medium to large bag with two straps and an open top, normally in a square shape. They are modern and are great for those who need to carry most of their personal belongings with them. Big enough to accommodate tablets, books and magazines along with your other essentials, a Neutral colour Tote would be perfect for a range of looks, while a colourful tote in a soft orange or yellow, would work wonderfully with a variety of ensembles.


HOBO @TheRoyaleIndia

Another popular style of handbag, the Hobo is similar to a ‘Tote’. Hobo is a medium to large bag with two handles – but with a closed top. It’s normally a circular shape along with a long shoulder strap large enough to carry everything from your car keys to a water bottle and even an extra jacket. The signature crescent shape of Hobo bags makes them both visually appealing and easy to carry. As the name suggests, Hobos have an easy, bohemian appeal that makes them perfect for a stroll to the market, or a day out with friends.


SATCHEL @TheRoyaleIndia

This style of purse is defined by its more structured look. Satchels are typically made of either leather or a heavy fabric, such as canvas. A chic leather satchel is the perfect purse for the office, and it looks just as good when you’re headed out for after-work drinks as well. Pair your satchel with a tailored coat or classic sweater and skirt ensemble for a sophisticated look. They are usually medium to large, square or rectangular shaped bags with a short and long strap.


CROSSBODY @TheRoyaleIndia

A bag with a long strap that is worn across the body, these are classic designs that look great anytime. They are hands-free, lightweight, and available in huge range of designs. They tend to hang down to or below the waist, giving you a bit of extra space to play with colour on the strap, so don’t be afraid to go for some bright and sunny colours to liven up your outfit.


BAGUETTE @TheRoyaleIndia

A cute baguette bag embodies the classic ‘it bag’. Designed to mimic the shape of a loaf of bread, this style of small purse is cute, easy and carefree. The short strap of a baguette bag makes it a true handbag rather than a shoulder bag. Baguette purses provide a simple, easy way to carry your belongings, making them the perfect bag for a lunch with friends or a quick drink after work.


clutch @TheRoyaleIndia

Typically small handheld bag commonly used for formal wear, clutches have been around for a long time, and when it comes to nights out, they are the only real option. They’re small, don’t have straps, and are intended to carry your essentials like a wallet, keys and lipstick only. Again, going for a bright clutch to brighten up your look is great, while a black clutch looks great with a killer dress.

And finally, four styles that one could call the basic handbag collection to start with would be – The Multipurpose Bag, which is big enough to carry all your everyday essentials and yet be light on your shoulders for toting all day.

The Work Bag, juggling practicality and aesthetics, usually a structured style zipped compartments for your diary, phone, card index and also make up essentials. Ideally in neutral shades, but lately navy blue and deep red and purple bags also find a place on your office desk.

The Signature Bag, would be something you love and an investment that works well with most of your wardrobe. A classic Hermes Birkin or Kelly or even a Lady Dior or Chanel usually do not overpower your outfit.

The Clutch, an after-hours bags should be as fun as the occasions it’s intended for, so choose one that has embellishment or print or that’s in a bold colour you love. This is the time to experiment, but don’t forget to check if it can fit your essentials, like your phone and credit cards.

Hope this helps you in selecting the ideal one for you from many different styles and designs of handbags.

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