Is your ‘home sweet home’ monsoon ready??

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Before the heavy downpours strike down our homes, having our home monsoon ready is the best way out….While it’s wet outside, you can always enjoy a hot warm drink inside your dry and warm home.

Come rains, your house requires a bit of warmness to wrestle the mugginess and to stay put pleasant ambiance. Here are a few guidelines essential safety measures to prepare your abode to make your home just right for the humid weather.

Liven up space with vibrant hues

Liven up space with vibrant hues @TheRoyaleIndia

The monsoon calls for sparkling, vivid and warm colours such as yellows and oranges to cheer up your rooms. As the skies are normally dull, let light come in your home be maximized by bright colours and other reflective surfaces. Bedeck your home in vivid colours for they liven up your mood which is likely to be dulled by the frequent wet spells.

Touch-up the windows and doors

Touch-up the windows and doors @TheRoyaleIndia

It’s general for wood doors to swell up during the monsoon. This frequently occurs if the door is not fixed appropriately, or if the hinges are unfastened. Get your carpenter to eliminate the door, and fix it back accurately in the frame. Also, touch up metal-framed windowpane with water-proof coat to avoid corrosion.

Dress your window with drapes

Dress your window with drapes @TheRoyaleIndia

Rains are the time to have lucent window drapes. Drape up your room with lace curtains to ensure that the daylight passing through in an inundated radiance. These drapes will allow adequate amount of light to penetrate the room and at the same time gives the privacy that you so much prefer.

Roll away your carpets

Roll away your carpets @TheRoyaleIndia

Roll away that expensive carpet during the rains. Make certain that once rolled, the carpet is enclosed in a plastic sheet. This will cut down the possibility of dampness or inadvertent seepage damaging the carpet. Instead spend on a bright and multi-hued machine made acrylic washable carpet. These carpets are very resilient, water- resistant, and offer exceptionally good value. Also treat them to be dampness and mildew defiant. For a cheaper substitute, go for a attractive bamboo or coir mat.

Safe electric wiring

Safe electric wiring @TheRoyaleIndia

To be protected from any hazard due to electric shock and fire, make sure the wirings are in appropriate situation. Get your electrician to do a comprehensive test of the electrical system and connections in your home. Replace damaged wires immediately. Handle electric appliances with full safety measures.

Make your house leak-proof

Make your house leak-proof @TheRoyaleIndia

Leakages are a regular trouble all through rains, particularly if you reside in heavy rain locale. Ensure for cracks and leakages and get expert assistance if required to seal them. If there is any leaching in the ceilings, without delay get it sealed with white cement.

Avoid Indoor Plants

Avoid Indoor Plants @TheRoyaleIndia

Reduce the number of indoor plants in this time of year. Lessen the amount of foliage indoors; it is the best time to keep your plants out in the rain to get watered naturally. Artificial plants such as green ferns can be substituted with multihued ones such as plastic yellow sunflowers or orchids.

Pest Control

Pest Control @TheRoyaleIndia

Termites are a foremost trouble in many houses during rains. Do a sanity check if you have several wooden furniture at home. Call for pest control help if you note termite existence, elude it without delay.

Follow these simple tips and make sure your home is monsoon ready.

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