Apple May Announce Compact iPhone 5SE In March 2016

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When the entire smartphone industry was doling out phones with the biggest of screens, Apple stuck to its principles and continued with 4-inch displays, citing reasons of convenience and better handling.

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Steve Jobs was famous for dissing phones with mammoth screens and it was probably his stubbornness that made Apple stay behind the competition purely in the display size department. But that all ended with the iPhone 6, which became the first iPhone to house a 4.7-inch display. Users who wholly supported Apple’s previous principle were left a tad bit disappointed. Not everyone wants a mini-phablet in their pockets. Some of these users stuck to the reliable iPhone 5S while others turned to the Sony Xperia Z Compact range and other compact models.

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So when rumours started flying that Apple had never really forgotten it’s loyal compact phone fan-base and that a four-inch sequel to the phenomenal iPhone 5S was in the works, people rejoiced. Now it turns out that the rumour might be true after all. If sources are to be believed, Apple is all set to announce a new compact iPhone called the iPhone 5SE. The announcement may come by the 15th of March this year. The new iPhone would be a direct follow-up to the iPhone 5S with pretty similar looks. The new smartphone will have curved edges, a four-inch screen, and dimensions similar to the 5S. Apple has reportedly revamped the hardware, with the 5SE device sporting the new A9 processor, a new and improved camera, and support for Apple Pay. It will also reportedly support Live Photos, a feature seen in the Apple iPhone 6 and later models.

What to expect from the new iPhone 5SE

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  • 4-inch screen

  • Curved Edges

  • New and improved camera

  • A9 Processor

  • Apple Pay Support

  • Touch ID

  • Live Photos Support

  • Metal Casing

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In order to keep the price affordable, the new device may not have Force Touch support in its display. Most of the other features will be similar to the iPhone 6S. It will be available in the same colours as the iPhone 5S, that is Silver, Gold and Space Grey. The price is rumoured to be in the same range as the iPhone 5S.

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Even though there is no official announcement from Apple, most of us are keeping our fingers crossed for them to announce the iPhone 5S. Such a device is ideal for those of us who want something similar to the 5S but do not want to go for the newer models.

A smaller frame and screen would also mean the device would cost less and will have better ergonomics than the iPhone 6 and later models.

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