International Yoga Festival 2016 – a celebration of yogic healing and divinity

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Staying fit is a need of the hour and what better way to do it than practicing yoga on the banks of the Ganges at the foothills of the Himalayas. Rishikesh located in Uttaranchal is the hub for yoga in the mystic land of India. While the practice of yoga has been in our country for over 5000 years and is now practiced all over the world. Rishikesh in India is a holy town that houses numerous yoga ashrams.

The International Yoga Festival is a popular event organized at Rishikesh in the month of March every year. It begins on the first and will go on for a whole week. It is organized by the state government and includes Yogic healing sessions, yoga lessons, and other cultural activities. It was initially started by the Government of Uttar Pradesh as a part of its tourism program, but later on, it was taken over by the Uttarakhand Government when the state was formed. The 7-day schedule includes the following:

Day One

Day one asthama yoga festival @TheRoyaleIndia


Day 1 the festival has Yoga training for Asthma and Mental disorders (like Obsessive Compulsive disorder). The Day begins at 6 AM and dinner is served at 7:30 PM. There are special Q and A sessions and consultation too.

Day Two

Day two yoga festival @TheRoyaleIndia


Day 2 includes sessions on Obesity and General health. There are lectures scheduled for Day 2 by Dr. Nagendra and Mrs. Geetha Shankar KYM. An evening yoga session at 5:00 PM will be held by Sri Louise.

Day Three and Four

Day three back pain yoga festival @TheRoyaleIndia


Day 3 is dedicated to yoga for health and healing while Day 4 is for some of the most common problems we face every day in the form of Back and Neck pain. On each of these days, you can attend the lectures and seek Ayurvedic help and consultation.

Day four surya namaskar yoga festival @TheRoyaleIndia


Day 3 begins with Surya Kriya by SW.SP while the first session on Day 4 is scheduled for Surya namaskar.

Day Five to Seven

Day five yoga festival @TheRoyaleIndia


While the day 5 and day 6 focus on heart issues such as diabetes and hypertension, the last day is specially designed for women.

Day 7 yoga festival women @TheRoyaleIndia


The lecture series includes eminent speakers like Mr. Ram Banarjee and Ms. Nrithya. You can book packages on their website.

Register for single days or grab a 7-day pass. The Package also has a special student’s discount. Along with the passes for the event, you can also make bookings for your accommodation from their official websites.

Enjoy Soulful Music

Prem joshua yoga festival soulful music


Along with the yoga training schedule, you can also enjoy some soulful music and healthy yogic food. Listen to music by bands like Aryan, Prem Joshua and Band, Chitra Vichitra and more. Prem Joshua and band are one of their key performers at the event on Day 2. Their music is inspired by India’s musical traditions along with eclectic sounds. They are known for their innovation of western music. It is a perfect blend of music rooted in Indian Ragas and various other genres from all over the world.

International yoga festival rishikesh @TheRoyaleIndia


Register yourself, at least, a day prior and spend the week rejuvenating yourself, practicing yoga and pranayama where nature embraces you with open arms. Their packages include healthy vegetarian meals along with tea or coffee twice a day. They also provide pick up and drop services from the hotel or nearest railway station.

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