Some Inspiring Stories From The Marathon Ground

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While some of us are said to be born with dreams and some with a perfect set of genes; but there are some special ones who are literally born with running shoes. Until I got married, I always used to wonder how and why anyone would run marathons. I never understood the emotions that make thousands of people throw on their running gears and reach the ground while others are still deep asleep.

Celebrity marathon runners @TheRoyaleIndia


Many of us believe that hitting the gym 3-4 times a week is something great and running continuously for over 30 minutes feels like an achievement. Trust me, most of us are like that. But if you really want to see this shatter, do participate or at least visit a marathon where not just thousands of odd people but also many celebrities such as Anil Ambani, Rahul Bose, Tara Sharma, Dia Mirza, John Abraham and many more run together. On 17th January 2016, Standard Chartered has organised a Half Marathon in Mumbai where I am sure you will find hundreds of inspiring stories from people you can actually relate to.

Let’s have a look at some of the inspiring Indian runners:

A Century Old Runner

Fauja singh @TheRoyaleIndia


I am sure you must have heard of Fauja Singh, the oldest man on the face of earth to run 42 km. This young-at-heart 104-year old Punjabi puttar took to running at the ripe age of 89.

Too Young To Run

Budhia singh young runner @TheRoyaleIndia


At a tender age of four while other kids play tantrums for not going to the school, this miraculous child ran a record-breaking distance of 65 km (from Puri to Bhubaneshwar). Now 13, Budhia has already participated in over 48 marathons.

When Disability Is No More A Hurdle

D P Singh Indian Blade Runner @TheRoyaleIndia


I am sure you must have heard numerous stories of war heroes who either lost their lives or have suffered severe injuries.

Major D P Singh @TheRoyaleIndia


But this amputee brave war hero, Major D P Singh not just refused to die after a mortar blast during Kargil war, but also became a Blade runner with several half marathons in his bag.

Raghavendra Blind Marathon Runner @TheRoyaleIndia


Being visually challenged, could not stop the 28-year old Raghavendra Peri from participating and finishing half marathon. Inspired from Ron Hackett’s story he took up running about 3 years back to fight depression!

Running 30 km Each Day

Barefoot runner @TheRoyaleIndia


Can you imagine running 30 km every day while continuing with your normal life routine? Well, here is a 40-year old man who took to running bare-feet after several unsuccessful attempts to quit smoking and fight withdrawal symptoms. Interestingly, Vishwanathan Jayaraman has not smoked since then.

When Running Is A Resort

Sayuri dalvi marathon @TheRoyaleIndia


Even a failed marriage along with the challenge to raise an autistic child could not curb this 33-year old single mother from being a running champ. Every day Sayuri Dalvi manages to run for at least 45 minutes 3 or 4 times a week and on Sundays while we sleep till 10, she runs 30 km.

Journey to Fitness

Harishankar krishnaswami @TheRoyaleIndia


From being reluctant to go shopping for clothes or getting in a crowded elevator, Harishankar Krishnaswami’s journey to being a marathon runner has inspired hundreds. In merely 18 months since he started running, he could lose 40 kg and by now he has numerous full marathons in his bag!

There Is No Dress Code For Running

Lata Kare Saree Runner @TheRoyaleIndia


You would be pleasantly surprised to find a 63-year old traditional nauvari saree clad granny Lata Bhagwan Kare not just run a marathon, but also defeat numerous trained runners.

Different people run for different reasons, you just need to find out yours!!

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