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With Women Empowerment being passionately discussed right from college campuses in India to Justin Trudeau’s Prime Ministerial Office in Canada, we have finally begun to actively celebrate women and their achievements. They are reaching new heights, not just breaking but shattering the metaphorical glass ceiling.

They are inspiring; we read their success stories in newspapers, hear them talking about their struggles in interviews. How lovely and rewarding being a woman is, in spite of the struggles that they face in a patriarchal society. Listed here are some such inspirational women who truly deserve a biopic and whose story we’d pay big bucks to watch:

  • Chanda Kochhar- the bankable woman

Inspirational women chanda kochar ceo icici @TheRoyaleIndia


Chanda Kochhar is the Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer of one of the most successful private sector banks in India, ICICI. She is unassuming for a person who has featured on Forbes 100 Most Powerful Women’s list.

Chanda kochar Inspirational women @TheRoyaleIndia


She has held stage at the World Economic Forum, seen ICICI through the financial crisis of 2008, and made sure her daughter grows up to be a self-assured, confident, happy, and productive member of society through a heart-warming letter written to her. She believes that the sky, and not the glass ceiling, is the limit. For her tenacity and judgement, Chanda Kochhar deserves a biopic.

  • ISRO’s team of 8 Women “Stars”

Inspirational women isro scientists mars mission @TheRoyaleIndia


They turned the “glass ceiling” into a joke by reaching for the stars. Minal Sampath, Anuradha TK, Ritu Karidhal, Moumita Dutta, Nandini Harinath, Kriti Faujdar, N. Valarmathi, & Tessy Thomas- these are the names that you need to remember every time you swell with pride thinking about India’s record-breaking launch of 108 satellites at one go. Considered a male-dominated field, space research in India became more “accessible” to girls with a vision to give metal wings to their dreams, courtesy of the positive stories of these eight women. Imagine a biopic featuring eight new faces, giving hope to so many cine-goers who dream of touching the sky!

  • Bhakti Sharma- swimming against the odds

Inspirational women bhakti sharma swim antarctica @TheRoyaleIndia

Picture freezing waters of the Antarctic and a determined face, ready to take on whatever comes her way. This is Bhakti Sharma, the first Asian woman and the youngest in the world to swim 1.4 miles in the brutal 1 degree Celsius waters of the ocean. That’s not all; Sharma, who started swimming at the age of 2.5 years holds quite a few records… along with her mother, she holds the record for being the first mother-daughter pair to swim across the English Channel. The list is long, so it’s advisable that you look up the woman on Google for her list of achievements! She is a motivational speaker having inspired audiences at IIT and TEDx platforms. Whoever plays the role of Sharma in her biopic is looking at quite a rigorous fitness regime!

  • Harshini Kanhekar- encouraging the fire within

Inspirational women harshini kahekar 1st female firefighter @TheRoyaleIndia

India’s first female firefighter, Kanhekar shares an amusing incident which reflects our society’s characteristic lack of consideration for women- during her medical check-up at the firefighting training institute, the authorities did not know what to check for, because they had never thought of it or anticipated it. Kanhekar speaks of wanting to be a soldier, helping out her country in any way she can. A biopic on her will certainly be interesting to watch; a woman fighting a raging fire, saving men, women, and children by lifting them on her shoulders…with a rousing score playing in the background.

  • Nirupama Rao- climbing the ladder of diplomacy

Inspirational women nirupama rao Indian ambassador US @TheRoyaleIndia


For those who think a woman should only handle conflicts at home, here is an eye-opener: Nirupama Rao has been India’s Foreign Secretary, the most important position when it comes to handling foreign affairs. The National level topper at the 1973 All India Civil Service Examinations, she gradually climbed the ladder of diplomacy to reach a position where she was trusted with handling India’s reputation on a global stage. We have had biopics on female politicians before, but this one will be different as Rao stands as a testament of hard work’s rewards and not nepotism.

  • Captain Lakshmi – when war made a woman

Inspirational women captain lakshmi sehgal azaad hind fauj @TheRoyaleIndia

A biopic on her is a good way of getting children interested in History. A revolutionary, a soldier, a minister, Captain Lakshmi was willing to stand for what she believed in. A doctor by profession, she opened a free clinic in Singapore during her stay there. She has been a politician, a humanitarian, a fighter. Above all, she has been a woman of substance, inspiring many. A film on her is bound to create some ruckus, but it will surely be worth it if it inspires even one person to passionately pursue what they believe in.

It is unfortunate that we have to make an effort to acknowledge and appreciate women that it doesn’t occur naturally in our ecosystem. However, we are surely taking baby steps in the right direction. So, on this International Women’s Day, let’s pledge to make this world a less biased, more appreciative place for every person…after all, these abovementioned women have shown that we (women) can’t be ignored.

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