Innovative necklines that define Indian dresses

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In India, customs and traditions are infinite. Every season has its own reason to celebrate certain rituals. And for every such ritual, there is an unsaid dress code – Indian dress. Be it somebody’s wedding ceremony, or 25th-anniversary celebration or some puja to be performed, Indian dresses are a hit and most demanded outfit here. They are adorned with embroidery work, beads, sequences, mirrors, or simple thread work. With so many occasions demanding such attire, make sure you flaunt your Indian dresses in style. Go innovative, bold and daring when it comes to necklines.

Necklines might be a small part of your Indian dress, but we bet, it is the most sensuous part of the dress. And we are not talking about plunging necklines. Those standard ones which include round neck, v-neck, collar neck or say boat neck are going to be there. But let’s see some of the innovative ones we have got you. The neckline suits you the best depends upon your neck type, size of your bust and your height.

Go bold and stay beautiful.

Queen Anne

Queen-Anne Neckline to define Indian Dresses @TheRoyaleIndia

This neckline looks smart and is elegance galore. It features a higher collar in the back and opens wide at the front above the chest. This type of neckline suits most women and add to their beauty quotient.


Bateau Neckline to define Indian Dresses @TheRoyaleIndia

This type of neckline is for women who are well endowed. Neckline being wide form the top follows natural curve of your collar bone. Front and back areas of the neck are normally similar. This type of neckline demands space, hence avoid wearing any accessory while you give your dress a bateau neckline.


Halter Neckline to define Indian Dresses worn by Aishwarya Rai Bachchan @TheRoyaleIndia

Bare shoulders and bold neckline – this is what a halter neckline would do to your dress. There are straps which wrap around the back of your neck. This is best suited for women who are tall and have broad shoulders.


Bardot Neckline to define Indian Dresses @TheRoyaleIndia

This is a bolder version of boat neck. Here, the fabric is wrapped off the shoulders. This neckline works great for women with short or wide necks.


Keyhole Neckline to define Indian Dresses @TheRoyaleIndia

This is the style is a classic one and goes well with plain type of dresses or one with minimal work on them. A keyhole neckline is generally round or oval in shape with loops and buttons at the top. They look very attractive and demands attention as entire dress covers your skin leaving just a keyhole neckline to show off your skin.


Scoop Neckline to define Indian Dresses @TheRoyaleIndia

More of U-shaped neckline, this one falls lower towards the chest. It lengthens your neckline and gives a good shoulder line. A good neckline option and suits almost all body types.

Spaghetti Straps

Spaghetti-Straps Neckline to define Indian Dresses @TheRoyaleIndia

Spaghetti neckline features thin straps (just like spaghetti) and accentuates your assets and gives your neckline a steaming look.


Aishwarya Rai Bachchan wearing a Indian Dress with Portrait Neckline @TheRoyaleIndia

Similar to Bardot neck, here also the fabric hits the arms leaving the shoulders bare. The only difference is it has a scoop neck in front so as to frame the shoulders and collarbone.

Having an eye for necklines, your tailor or designer is the best person to go to for guidance regarding necklines. Just one touch of that perfect neckline and we are sure this would make your Indian dress look pretty and you prettier. Go shopping.

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