India Micromax’ed: Samsung dethroned in the Indian Markets

August 5, 2014 India Micromax'ed: Samsung dethroned in the Indian Markets. @TheRoyaleIndia 635 0 0

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Over the past few years, the South Korean giant ‘Samsung’ indisputably has cemented its place amongst the biggest smart-phone manufacturers of the world. The fact being true; the Indian market reports on Monday transpired a drastic change-over. Samsung suffered a heavy shock when the reports revealed that Micromax now covers 16.6 percent of the market share and has surpassed Samsung as the leading mobile phone vendor in India. Though Micromax has edged out Samsung by a mere 2.4 percent (Samsung has 14.4% of market share), this is a significant step for the Indian company; in other words it can be said ‘it’s a homecoming.

The reports also state that in Q1 2014, Samsung de facto had shipped more smart-phones than Apple, Huwaei, Lenovo, and LG combined. Even so, the Samsung sales have definitely gone for a toss and this is even reflected in the Chinese markets. Apparently, Xiaomi has taken over Samsung in China, as the largest smart-phone vendor.

Micromax has also impressively over-taken Nokia in the domestic feature phone market having a 15.2% market share over Nokia’s 14.7%.

Of course on the Global Level, Samsung’s supremacy is almost unparalleled. However, this could very well change soon. Samsung’s high end devices come at heavy prices; the same as Apple’s iPhone. The mid-range Samsung devices however have failed to compete with Micromax. In fact, Micromax has been successful in manufacturing handsets with features that give the upper-tier Samsung devices a run for their money. This has been the major reason for their success.

Though, the Q2 2014 has proven to be profitable for the Gurgaon based company, it is way too early to discard Samsung, and the global giant will surely react to the change that has been.

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