India Vs West Indies – No Balls Are To Be Blamed For India’s Close Defeat

April 1, 2016 India Vs West Indies T20 Semi Finals @TheRoyaleIndia 864 0 0

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In the past couple of days, we have witnessed a few nail-biting moments. Thanks to our Men In Blue who didn’t want to give up, no matter what. Remember the India Vs Bangladesh match? Who on earth can forget that one? That lightning fast run-out by Dhoni on the final ball must have made Usain Bolt rethink about his speed.

Virat kohli 89 not out semi final T20 @TheRoyaleIndia


Now, that spirit is truly worth our highest appreciation. And the semi-finals didn’t seem to be any different from the previous games India played. All seemed to be going well, with Kohli once again taking complete control with a fabulous knock of 89 runs of 47 balls.

Adding some more glamour to the party was Rohit Sharma scoring 43 and Ajinkya Rahane adding 40 runs to the scoreboard.

With 192 for 2 after 20 overs, it seemed like India has got this one under their belt too. At this moment, you wouldn’t be wrong if you said, ‘thank goodness, we made it to the finals.’ But, as wise men say, ‘anything can happen in cricket’.

It was time for West Indies to bat. Chris Gayle and Johnson Charles opened the batting with Ashish Nehra deciding to bowl the first over. After the first over the Windies were 6 for no loss.

Chris gayle dismissal semi finals @TheRoyaleIndia


Magic happened in the second over when Jasprit Bumrah got rid of Chris Gayle in the second over. Now, that the big man was gone, the world just seemed awesome. We were now only a few inches away from reaching the finals.

Soon Marlon Samuels was dismissed by Nehra, which was another huge blow to the Windies batting order.

Ashwin gets a wicket in the 7th over. But, wait a minute. The camera just caught Ashwin overstepping the line. OMG! It’s a no-ball. The cheers in the stand instantly turned into a silence. This was, in fact, the biggest turning point of the match. But, hey! The fight wasn’t over yet.

In the 13th over, Charles walks back after being caught by Rohit Sharma. The Windies were now 151 for 3. Note that we still had a great chance of winning.

Bumrah gayle bold semi final T20 2016 @TheRoyaleIndia


Another shocker came in the 18th over when Jadeja caught the ball but his foot touched the boundary line. However, he did manage to throw the ball at Virat who was standing nearby, but that seemed to be too late. It was declared a six!

Let’s fast forward it to the final over, when the West Indies needed 8 runs in 6 balls with 7 wickets in hand. Kohli was on the bowling end. A single is taken on the first ball, followed by a dot. Then comes a four. Now, it is just 3 in 3 balls. A massive six and the game is over. West Indies win by 7 wickets.

Simmons dhoni T20 semi finals @TheRoyaleIndia


The Man-of-the-Match Lendl Simmons was given life twice, at 18 and 50. The team India had to pay for these no balls and Simmons made sure they pay real hard.

To be honest, our Men In Blue turned out to be the true fighters at every step of the game. When things seemed impossible, they turned it into a cake walk. And yes, we still stick to the fact that Dhoni is one of the best captains India has ever seen.

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