Incredible Stories behind the Creation of 10 Most Famous Fashion Brand Logos

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A business becomes a brand with the help of its logo. May it be the world renowned cosmetic brand you use or your beloved aerated drink you can recognize their logo anywhere. When you see the logo, you know what the product can be like. Logos can evoke a number of emotions ranging from reverence to pride. But one thing common about them is their ability to garner trust. When it comes to interesting logos, world’s top fashion brands definitely take the front seat. They have made optimal use of logos. Even the hardest to pronounce fashion brands like Givenchy are recognized by their logo at the furthest end of the world. Just like the industry they are associated with, fashion brand logos need to be sleek, suave, sophisticated, eye-catching and awe-inspiring. They exude dignity as well as a sense of luxury and plushness. Moreover, fashion brand logos have to be such that they can be used on any product or marketing instrument with ease. Being born out of necessity yet created with remarkable artistry, fashion brand logos have some brilliant background stories. Let’s find out what stories are hidden behind the origination of the most celebrated fashion brands’ logos we see around.
1. The Mythic Beauty of Versace Logo
One of the most stunning and enigmatic logos of the world, the Versace logo is nothing but the head of Medusa. According to Greek mythology, Medusa was a Gorgon and a monster who had thousands of venomous snakes in place of hair. Anyone who looked at her face turned into stone. This bewitching female monster was once an attractive woman of hypnotic allure. The Medusa logo basically speaks volumes about the ability of Versace to allure and fascinate the buyers. Gianni Versace the owner of the brand and creator of the logo believed that those who fall for Medusa or the brand she represents could not flee from her intense charm. Moreover, as a child, Gianni had played on the floors of ruins of ancient Roman structures where he had seen the face of Medusa emblazoned. Later on, he decided to recreate that compelling image for his logo.

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2. The Classic Appeal of Chanel Logo
As a designer, Coco Chanel was way ahead of her contemporaries. She was a trendsetter, and this is also evident from the logo she designed in 1925 for her brand. One of the stories revolving around the interlocked Cs that stands for her brand is that its roots go back to Chanel’s past. Many say that she took inspiration from the entwined designs on the glass windows of an Aubazine chapel. This is where Chanel has spent the latter part of her childhood as an orphan. Others say that it is at her friend Irene Bretz’s chateau in Nice where Chanel found inspiration for her logo from a medallion of the renaissance era. There is also a story that says it is her bonding with her lover and funder Capel which got immortalized in the logo.



3. The Regal Knots of Prada Logo
The Prada logo has been through decades of evolution. The modern logo of Prada is stark, elegant and striking just like the brand itself. However, originally its logo had a periphery made of knotted rope. Prada started out in 1913, and by 1919 it was appointed as the official supplier of clothes to the Italian Royal household. That’s from where this brand started to use the House of Savoy’s coat of arms in its logo design.


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4. The Unconventional YSL Logo
Out of the box and non-traditional, the YSL logo was designed by highly talented Adolphe Jean-Marie Mouron, known more popularly as Cassandre. He was a painter of Ukrainian-French origin, a typeface, and commercial poster designer. He was popular for creating exciting magazine covers. His style of designing was different than that of others as he played with letterforms and blended them. In the YSL logo, he remarkably bent the longstanding typeface designing rule. The logo is famously a vertical monogram where the three letters are distinctive yet touching each other.

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5. The Powerful Nike Logo
A brand synonymous with sporty fashion, Nike has been helping sportspersons and laymen alike in looking stylish. Its logo is one of the most easily recognized one across countries. The name Nike has its roots in Greek mythology as well. Nike was the Greek goddess who personifies victory. According to one story, it is the wings of the goddess which is symbolised by the check sign of the logo. Another story tells us that the designer Carolyn Davidson chose ‘Swoosh’ symbol as it is a static design with the dynamism of motion. Despite being such an innovative logo, Davidson only received $35 for her artwork from Nike’s founder Phil Knight.

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6. The Iconic Louis Vuitton Logo
No matter whether you possess Louis Vuitton merchandise or not, you know their logo by its visual appeal and memorable appearance. The monogram of Louis Vuitton was first introduced to the public way back in 1896. It was the son of Louis, George Vuitton who designed it. Said to be inspired by Japanese floral design, it is both minimalistic and opulent. Louis Vuitton began his designer luggage business in 1854. Soon this Parisian company gained huge popularity and became a status symbol among the fashionable highbrow of Paris. The main purpose of this unique interlocking of letters L and V and combining it with flower designs were to stop contemporaries from copying.

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7. The Chivalrous Zeal of Burberry Logo
Well known for the check and tartan pattern clothes it popularized, Burberry’s logo is a sure standout. The choice of an Equestrian Knight riding a horse and wielding a spear makes one curious about its history. Created in 1902, the Knight is symbolic of prestige, honor and loyalty to customers. The shield on his left hand stands for protection which the famous trench-coats and other outerwear of the brand provide. The Latin word “Prorsum” written on his flag means going forward. True to its outstanding logo, the brand has always propelled fashion ahead.

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8. The Exalted Gucci Logo
A brand that has always been equivalent to luxury, Gucci too has an exceptional logo. This high-end brand is best loved for its leather products, clothes and perfumes. Though the brand’s name has a double-C in it, the logo surprisingly flaunts double-G. It actually stands for the full name of the founder of this brand, Guccio Gucci. The stylized and interlinked double-G of Gucci logo is a symbol of timeless appeal and grandeur. It was designed by Aldo Gucci the son of Guccio Gucci after he joined the family business.

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9. The Conspicuous Lacoste Logo
Started by star tennis players Rene Lacoste and Andre Gillier, Lacoste has been serving a wide customer base since 1933. Its reptilian crocodile logo is one of the most striking fauna logos found across the fashion world. In 1927, Lacoste won a bet against the captain of French Davis Cup team. As a prize he received an alligator skin suitcase. Soon Lacoste was referred to as “the Alligator” by American Press. Lacoste became fond of this nickname as well. So much so, that he got a huge crocodile embroidered on his beloved blazer. Later on it also became the logo of his brand.

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10. The Sportive Polo Ralph Lauren Logo
Ralph Lauren is one of the most fashion-forward brands that heralded androgynous styles in America. In 1970 Ralph Lauren launched his first collection of women’s suits tailored just like suits worn by men. The polo player riding the horse logo came from the brand owner’s fascination for the sport of Polo. He was not just a lover but also a supporter of polo matches. The Polo Ralph Lauren logo stands for classic and elite taste, which the brand has maintained over the years.
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