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T20 cricket cannot be stopped. It is a runaway train prepared to kill everything in its way. I am not joking when I say this. If we don’t handle T20 cricket properly, it will crush everything in its way, including the Test and one-day formats.” This is what Dean Jones (former Australian cricketer) had to say about T20 cricket in one of his columns for the Sydney Morning Herald.

Disliked by hardcore test cricket fans, the shortest version of cricket made its entry in the form of Twenty20 cup in 2003. This tournament was introduced by England and Wales Cricket Board and matches were played amongst the county teams.

It would take you hardly 3 hours to watch a full Bollywood movie. That is exactly the time you need to watch a full T20 cricket match. That too with enthralling cricketing moments comprising of too many towering sixes, splendid efforts in the field and some cheer leaders making it all a new age fair! Hence it didn’t take too long for the other cricket boards to take a note of the T20 format. The first T20 international game was played in March 2005 between New Zealand and Australia.

Within couple of years, ICC decided to give it a shot with a big event and in the year 2007 we witnessed the inaugural ICC World T20 cup… and the rest is history!

I have religiously followed all the editions of the T20 World Cup so far and if someone has to ask me one magical moment from all the editions – without any hesitation I would say – Six Sixes by Yuvraj Singh.

Yuvraj Singh six sixes @TheRoyaleIndia

Just a recap of that match:-

India locked horns with England at Durban on 19th September 2007. After winning the toss and deciding to bat first, India got a flying start thanks to Sehwag and Gambhir. They laid a strong foundation with a partnership of 136 runs. After Sehwag, Gambhir and Uthappa returned back to the pavilion, Yuvraj Singh arrived and we never knew what was on his mind until he unleashed his intentions.

His onslaught embarked on in the 18th over with four boundaries against Flintoff. Some heated argument and exchange of words between Yuvraj and Flintoff set the tone for the next over which was bowled by Broad. Yuvraj took out his anger in this over with all guns blazing.

And this is what he did!

19th Over – Stuart Broad to Yuvraj Singh

1st ball – Six between midwicket and mid-on

2nd ball – A flick, right into the stands

3rd ball – Six over extra cover

4th ball – Full toss! Six over the backward point

5th ball – Down he goes on one knee and hits another six over midwicket

6th ball – Sixth six on the trot! This time over wide mid on

Yuvraj Singh smashed Broad all over the park and thus became the first ever cricketer to hit six consecutive sixes in a T20 International. His devastating barrage also took him to a half century in just 12 deliveries. Fastest half century in all forms of International Cricket!

The fifth edition of ICC World T20 has already kicked off in Bangladesh. It is all set to grab more eye balls this time due to an initial group stage (similar to a qualifier stage) following by Super 10 group stage. Above all you would be pleased to know that the Super 10 stage would embark on with a match between the arch rivals India and Pakistan. Mother of all games! You can never ask for anything more if you are a real cricket fan!

Along with many magical moments similar to Yuvraj’s feat, World T20 cups have a lot of remarkable stats and records to be known about. Let us have a look at them:

World T20 Cup winners till now:

ICC World T20 Cup winners and records @TheRoyaleIndia

While we would continue having critics who would say the popularity of cricket is diminishing, most of us can’t write off the fact that cricket is on everybody’s lips. Especially after the invent of T20 World Cups and Premier Leagues like IPL or BBL, the fame of this great game of cricket is growing by leaps and bounds!

Enjoy another festival of cricket in Bangladesh where you would certainly be served with highest quality of cricket, luring matches, huge sixes, tumbling wickets and nail biting finishes.

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