Hrithik unveils ‘Krrish 3’ accessories

October 8, 2013 Hrithik Roshan unveils Krrish 3 accessories @TheRoyaleIndia 761 0 0

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For Hrithik Roshan, his on-screen superhero avatar Krrish is more than just a reel character. In keeping with that sentiment, the actor has collaborated with jewellery designer Farah Khan Ali, on an exclusive collection inspired by ‘Krrish 3’. Set in sterling silver and diamonds, the line includes a range of accessories like leather bands, mobile charms, pendants, pins and the ‘Krrish’ superhero mask will be available at Farah’s store in Mumbai.

Talking about the collaboration, Farah said, “It is an inspirational piece of jewellery, and my designs have always reflected a deeper thought and this time it is no different. The thought behind the ‘Krrish’ symbol is so powerful that I wanted to immortalise it in my jewellery. It is symbolic of the idea that each one of us can make a difference. It is not meant to be a fashion fad, one that will die out after the movie has released. It can be passed down generations.

Hrithik added, “It’s more than just a character or a movie to me. Krrish is a symbol of courage, strength, power and harmony. It’s not just about the cape or the mask. Anyone can be a superhero, once we recognise the values he lives by; all we have to do is decide.”

The pieces in the collection are priced between Rs 2,500 and Rs 6,000. This pret line will be also available alongwith Farah’s fine jewellery pieces on her newly launched web portal.

We say, ‘Go! get them.’


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