HP Envy 4 is a budget Ultrabook

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Similar to its big brother, the HP Envy 6, HP Envy 4 is an economic Ultrabook. The 14-inch device looks good looks and boosts excellent sound. In India, it comes with a price tag of Rs. 55,960.

You may come across various niggles while using the HP Envy 4. However, its excellent media credentials and amazing price will make you overlook various minor flaws.

The HP Envy 4 is a portable device and weighs around 1.8 kg only. The dimension of this backpack-friendly is 13.38 x 9.28 x 0.78 inches. Thus, you will not have trouble in carrying the device around.

A Budget Ultrabook HP Envy 4@TheRoyaleIndia

Now talking about the look of HP Envy 4, outwardly it boosts the all-black cool design of the HP Envy series. You will also notice the bright red Beats Audio logo strategically placed on the speaker grill. The device has a brushed metallic finish as well as rubberised red coating on the edge and underside.

The Intel Core i3-2367M processor performs at 1.4GHz. It comes packed with 6GB DDR3 RAM.

It won’t be easy to load detailed graphics editors or the biggest games of 2012 as well. The device is equipped with the latest GPU integrated with Intel HD Graphics 3000. Moreover, Envy 4 will keep up with movies and web streaming; on the other hand anything additional may strain it. Also, to add the integrated graphics is not enough if you prefer extreme or high graphics gaming.

Enjoy listening to music or watching movies on HP Envy 4 @TheRoyaleIndia

HP Envy 4 does not provide optical drive, nor does it include the requisite connections and ports. In case you want to use a second monitor, you will need HDMI. Additionally, the three USB ports are useful in adding extra peripherals to the device.

You will be disappointed to find out that there are all USB 2.0 ports. The manufacturer should have considered adding an USB 3.0, which is capable of reading/writing at 10 times’ better speed.

Scratch Free and Easy to use ultrabook HP Envy 4 @TheRoyaleIndia

Everybody would agree that media is where the HP Envy 4 really over power other devices. The 14-inch screen boasts a standard resolution of1,366 x 768 pixels, which is quite bright and detailed.

The 1.4 cm bezel surrounding the screen measures won’t distract you while watching a movie or checking out the photographs. The HD webcam is placed on the bezel, thus offering space for the Beats Audio branding. The speakers are placed just above the keyboard. Depth and volume of the device are surprisingly good, but the gadget lacks the added subwoofer.

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