10 Creative Ways to Re-Purpose Your Old Kitchen Utensils

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Before you throw away that old kettle or soup ladle, you must think of some creative ways to re-use and recycle it. With just a bit of imagination, creativity, and inspiration from this blog, you can give a new purpose to your old and not-in-use kitchen utensils and use them to decorate your home.

Here are a few inspirations to recycle your utensils:

1. Using Forks As Photo Frame Stands

Spoon photo frame holder

Source: 1decor.net

Did you know that using forks you can make some amazing photo frame stands for your bedside tables? Simply, take a fork and with the help of a plier bend two prongs towards back and two in the front (alternate). What you will have is a classy photo stand!

2. Using Old Kettles As Planters

Tea pot decor ideas planters

Chipped your much-loved kettle? Don’t throw it away, simply use it as a decorative flower pot to grow a tiny and beautiful plant, such as a money plant or bonsai in it.

Recycle old tea cups planters

You can also make similar planters using coffee mugs instead of kettles. Just place them on the window sill to maximise the effect and attract the attention of the guests.

3. Wind Chimes Made From Cutlery

Spoon wind chime

One of the smartest ways to use old cutlery is to transform it into a chime. With almost 8 to 10 cutlery and an old yet beautiful bowl (which will act as a hanger), you can make an amazing wind chime.

4. Making Wall Clock Using Old Cutlery

Spoon cutlery wall clock

Source: thediscoverystore.co.uk

One of the best ways to utilise old spoons and forks is to use them to make a wall clock for your kitchen. To go about it, take a flat-back (round or rectangular) clock and using some glue, paste the spoons and forks at equal distance. To make it even funkier, you can also try using spatulas and soup ladles.

Spoon cup wall clock

Source: reneereardin.com

In a similar fashion, you can also try making a wall clock using vintage cups and pasting them on the front side to make an impression!

5. Using Fork/Spoon As Cabinet Handles

Tea cup spoon chandelier

Why invest in expensive cabinet handles when you have some vintage forks and spoons? Simply, bend the spoons/forks slightly from the centre, this will ensure that the prongs lay flat against the cabinets and will not trouble you anymore. These forks/spoons can be secured to the cabinet using industrial glue or nails.

6. Ladle Candle Holder

Ladle candle holder

You can make a unique candle holder using an antique ladle with a beautiful patina. You can attach it to a piece of wood painted with white chalk paint for that appealing antique look.

7. Vintage Teacups Chandeliers

Tea cup chandelier

Using vintage teacups, you can make a stunning teacup chandelier for your living room and amaze your guests with this creative project. Transforming these dainty beauties to lighted chandeliers will give an edge to your overall décor!

8. Watering Can Made From Milk Jug

Watering can made from milk Jug

Source: amazonaws

Are you a new gardener and still not sure about spending too much on a watering can? Well, this super simple hack of an old milk jug is just perfect for you. Simply, make small holes on the cap of the jug and use it to water your green friends in a super-green way.

9. Tablet Holder Made From Chopping Holder

Cutting board tablet phone holder

When trying a new recipe, do you often struggle with keeping your tablet or smartphone safe while reading the instructions? If you do, then simply transform your old cutting board into a tablet holder by attaching a piece of wood to its back side (so that it can stand at a convenient angle).

10. Towel Holder Made From Rolling Pin

Rolling pin towel holder coat hanger

You can give a new life to your vintage rolling pin by using it as a towel rack. And in case, you have multiple rolling pins that are not-in-use, then you can go on to make a hook rack to hang your coats, scarves, hats, and more.

With so many creative ideas, you will not be short on inspiration to re-purpose your old kitchen stuff.

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